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New Sterilization Idea/Question


I have been reading up on fina to tren and I hear people saying just filter with a whatman .22 and that there is no need to bake the oil in an oven because it doesn't get hot enough because of the oil or it doesn't use pressure like an autoclave. Then I read that some people use a pressure cooker like an autoclave so you get heat and pressure. Then some people say that doesn't work either due to the oil. There HAS to be a way that will sterilize it beyond just filtering.

It seems to me like the only thing that could be contaminated is the crushed fina if you are using everything else that is sterile along with usp oil. So why not crush the fina and put that into a pressure cooker or oven? If you can't do that with powder then why not with the BA or BB and add oil after it is in the pressure cooker then filter. or how about adding a lot more BA or some other bacteria killing chemical to the fina (alcohol? or something) than what is needed, letting it sit until any bacteria is killed and baking the solution until the ba/chemical evaporates then you are left with basically sterile fina and then continue the process as normal.



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I definitely understand using the filter and I am going to. I have read that some things can still get through the filter. Maybe that is wrong I am still trying to research. I still would like to know if it is possible to sterilize the powder without losing potency before starting the rest of the process and filtering at the end.


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Thanks for asking the question, hehat and thanks for the info BBB.

So BBB, in your opinion there is really nothing to be gained by heating? 220ºF for 20 minutes is supposedly enough. I'm wondering if there is anything to be lost, e.g. some believe that the fina can oxidize and lose potency. Any truth to that?

I'm wondering about heating the finished product simply as an extra safety measure. I remember this issue came up in another thread some time ago and the consensus seemed to be that there are in fact some microbes smaller than .22um. I know those would still be present in the solution even if you cook them to death, but does it stand to reason that dead bacteria are still significantly safer than live? Could dead microbes still somehow trigger an abscess, for example?

I respect your knowledge very much and if you are confident in filtration alone, I'm sold.