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New - Starting TRT. Here is Where I Am


Male pattern baldness, currently more hair on back than on head, good facial hair, good beard
carry fat everywhere, no in the gut moreso, but people think I am looking good at 240
Recent DVT in right leg last year, took accutane in 80's for acne, otherwise no issuse
No hair loss drugs, only Dr. Sears fish oil, High grade 4 capsules daily
31.2 BMI
t = 302 range 249-836
ft = 7.3 range 6.8-21.5
PSA .8 range 0.0-4.0
BP 122/78
until now, not serious on diet, but now a 40/30/30 diet
30 mins cardio / 30 mins lighter lifting
No testes pain ever / do have vasectomy
rarely morning wood, last Nocturnal emission in college

Here's where I am:
Somewhat healthy, however sex drive has decreased rapidly in the last 2 years. I really want to get my mojo back and return to my good weight of 215. I have a super hot wife of 20 years, but she is thinking it's her not being attractive, yet it's not true as I don't lust after all hot women like before. Essentially I want to get my mojo back.

So, I head into a local TRT clinic, and I am self-pay. I wanted to just get a consultation, but I agreed to pay a reasonable fee for the blood test and consult. They wanted to inject me on the spot with T, but I wanted to at least wait for the results, and perhaps get a second opinion. The clinic wants $250/mo for 4 shots, 1 per week. After asking for a copy of my blood work, what I listed is what they gave me.

A few days later I meet with my PCP who, in the past has been helpful in writing whatever was reasonable, and liberal with ED sample meds. Clearly, he was not versed in the latest TRT, as he thought 302 was normal, and went into a discussion on spending more quality time, etc. Then he brought up Jason Giambi and testicles and he had me talked out of TRT.

After sleeping on it, and not accepting my cruel fate I did more research and found a local legal source who wants me on a 20 week program for roughly $600, delivered:
2 Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml 10ml
2 HCG 11,000 USP
24 Anastrozole 0.5mg cap
20 20 g x 1.5" syringe 3ml
20 23 g x 1.5" needle
48 29 g x 1/2" syringe 1ml

I'm sure I should get more blood work done and keep it monitored, but does this look like a good starting point? I'm reading as much as I can take in, but this is a lot of info to digest.

Thanks for reading.


Read the stickies and then read them again (top of the board).

Others more knowledgeable will respond here; but you are clearly low and experiencing symptoms. I had the same, low libido and getting worse, and with 3 months now into TRT really starting to see and feel the results...it's amazing.

Some will tell you that you will see and feel immediate results once your start your protocol, but that's probably not the norm. My Dr. is a specialist in TRT for men and he said 3 months before you really "start" to see the changes and he was right no with me. He said wait a year and it will be dramatic. Best thing I've done for myself (except my wife and kids) in my entire life!

Remember, TRT is for life!


Thanks, I edited the post and followed the protocol, but I just don't have all the testing information. The stuff arrives tomorrow so I will keep all posted on progress.



That is really best advice now. If you read the stickies, you will see that you only have 12 weeks of anastrozole.

You told us what is in the shipment, but not the dosing.

You do not want to use those 1.5" needles. READ THE PROTOCOL FOR INJECTIONS STICKY.

That is way too much testosterone, it is enough for 40 weeks. You should not inject 200mg per week!

If a doc at your "local legal source" did not give you an in-person physical, it is not legal.