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New Start to Test Enath. 250. Need Help


Hi as you can see in my profile pic i took that when i was 17 and 130 pounds. Im 18 now and weigh 150, i wanna start taking Test Enth 250 but don't no how much i should start taking or how to even come off it or what size needle i should you to inject in my thigh. I guess what i am saying is i need details to no how to start doing things right. Also i had to keep a low weight for wrestling but im done with school now so i have a pretty good knowledge of work out routine and have a good diet i also have been taking whey protien for about 4 months now don't no if that helps

I am gonna be going to be going off to college soon to become a police officer and wanna bulk up as much as possible i no that it takes 3 months for it to get out of ur system thats why i already took my physical :). So please help me out where should i start, how much should i lift, how much should i first start taking, etc. Also goal weight i want is about 200 pounds Thanks for the help!!!!!!


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does it even need to be said?


What? does what even need to be said ? Everyone starts somewhere dont they


I've got the popcorn ready, BONEZ, BBB he's all yours!

Seriously though, do yourself a favor, read the stickies. Memorize them, read them again, lurk for at least 6 months reading all you can, and then think about what you want to do. Guys on here are a wealth of information, and they deserve respect. I don't know a fraction of what they do. It takes years and years of hard work and research to get to the point that they are. We all have to start from some where.

At your age, I wanted to use gear too, I made one stupid post like you did and I paid for it (rightfully so). No one is going to lay it all out for you. You have to do the work, show that you have some basic understanding of what you are proposing and then guys will help you.


If you aren't a troll then you are just fucking stupid..

get the fuck out of here, do some research for a few years, and come back when you are at LEAST 20.


I have done a little research i just wanna no how to keep the gains that i will make and how much i have to work out ? is that to much to ask and you guys can yell at me just wanna make shure i dont hurt myself in the process is all




K thanks for the help. I Guess i will just lurk


Usally after lurking for a long while you will come up with a "proposal" of what you are gonna take for your first cycle a good place to start is by just going down the fucking page there is numerous threads with heading "my first cycle" or some variation of it, an if you notice most of them have bits an peices taken from the stickies above. With that being said an you got your proposal then you post, an ask for advice on what youve learned or think youve learned nobody wants to help anyone out who doesnt even have the ability to come up with a plan when the site is full of nothing but plans an advice. To the vets on this page i can imagine its pretty insulting, but to me i just think youre going to get yourself hurt Good luck kid.


Youre too young. Youre a boy. Steroids are for men, not boys. At the rate your progress is going, youre about 5 years away from being somewhat close to being ready.

If you want to fuck your body up, go right ahead, no one here cares. But dont expect anyone here to help a 150lb 18 year old use drugs


You're not ready. A good way to measure is this; you should look like you use steroids before you use steroids. Make sense? When people start approaching you in the gym for advice, you're getting close. You have the body of a starving leach, eat.


good stuff...you figure if he'd be lurking long enough he'd know better.


At your age and stats, you can gain a lot from just raiding the groceries and lifting heavy. Even if you were to start a cycle now, it doesn't mean you can get to where you want to be without food.

So just eat alot and train heavy for now. I know it doesn't sound sexy at all, but any kid can get big just on food and heavy weights.


At 17 you haven't even reached your full growth. You would do better with hot dogs and beer and good solid training. You put chemicals in your system now you run the strong risk of never reaching your maximum protential and growth. Not to mention any future reproductive problems. Give yourself more years and spend these years learning to train and diet. At 17 theres no way your going to have more then one year experience in training. Instant gradification doesn't work in body building.