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New Squat Suit....


Well, I finally got a squat suit. Also briefs and a dead suit. All metal, found them on ebay after almost a year of searching.

The gear is a size big for me right now. My weight is waaaayyy down, at approx 227. The gear is for a 242 to 270lb lifter. Both the briefs and suit pretty much slid on. (ace briefs and ace suit)

I could feel a decent bind up and then recoil affect with just the briefs at 405. Tried the suit with 405 and could not even get down to a high box. Up to 495 and I barely got down to depth, came up uber fast. I called it there, as I didn't want to go crazy with it. Shoulder is also jacked right now. Pressure from the bar was not so fun.

I am excited to start training and eating properly again to get some strength and size back. I think the briefs are going to be helpfull in some strongman events as well. I cannot imagine how hard that suit would be to put on at 270lbs! My partner tried it on, and at 6"0 234, he had trouble getting it to suit into his crotch.

Best squat for me is 600, I think the suit really would have added 150 to 200lbs. Take it for what its worth.