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New Squat PR


As usual, I realize there are people lifting a lot more, but my squats have always sucked, so today's PR has me psyched:

305 lbs (preceded by 2 @ 295)

Woohoo! I finally broke 300 lbs, I can hardly believe it! Three wheels is not far away now...

Oh yeah, to parallel, no wraps or equipment or anything, except some earphones -- hey, they count for a lot.


That's great, Vroom. What're you doing for reps? I mean 10 @ 275? How long has it been since your last PR and what was it? I'm just trying to get an idea of your progress. Mine goes in spurts. Just wanna know if you're about to get a new PR in two weeks. The magical 315. The manly 315.


Sweet! Congratulations



(Don't forget to count the weight of those headphones.)


Congrats, as you state three wheels is not far away, once you have them for solid reps everything thing tends to pick up a gear! keep the hard work going.


It didn't count. Everyone knows headphones especially earbuds give as much assistance as a squat suit.



Way to go!On to three wheels.



Nice work. Three is soon! Keep your eye on the prize.

As someone said earlier here, work for reps and you will take off.....drop a little in weight and do ass to the grass lifts, and three will seem easy.

Good work!


VERY nice. Just make sure when you hit 315 that you don't get hurt and have to go to the hospital.

(Shameless reference to a recent thread.)


Thanks guys, I appreciate the support around here!

Kroby, I'm at about 10x225 for reps. I've added a good deal of posterior work as that is what seems to be limiting me.

We'll just see how long it takes, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze out another ten pounds though (even if it means I have to play my music louder)... :wink:


Good job


I've noticed from your posts we're basically neck to neck on squats, and I think our pulls are pretty similar too. We should have a race to a 405 squat.


Congrats, dude!


Congratulations on your accomplishment. Hard work and dedication does pay off! Great work.




How easy/difficult was it?

Did you feel like you maybe could have gotten more?


Good job man!


Keep up the good work!


You wear a belt, amigo?


Only if my pants are loose.


Good work, sir. Although, with the exchange rate, you only squatted 230 or so. :slightly_smiling: