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New Squat PR

So today I hit 350lbs on my squat! I’m heavier then I want to be,and I was expecting to hit this at the end of the year, but I hit it today! Do you think it’s possible to get up to 405lbs by the end of the year?

yeah man, sky is the limit. dont forget it.


Congrats on the new PR.

definitely possible.

good job!


How long have you been at it?

I’ve been at it for a while, but with my knee pain, it was hard to stay consistent. My knee is pretty good now. I hit 315 around the beginning of the year, but I was focusing on my deadlift more since I hit that. Now I’m going back to focusing on the squat. And now here we are at 350.

Definetly possible, is it likely? Probably not but if you bust your ass you got a decent chance.

congratz :smiley:

people at my gym are doing hardcore partials with 125

I saw some hardcore partials with 405 yesterday.

They were hardcore,

and they were partials.

I kinda wanted to ask what he could parallel squat, but was afraid I would get the ‘squatting to parallel hurts my knee’ gig.

I was also afraid he would say ‘405’.

give him a break… his sticking point is probably at the quarter squat height!


Yeah. Stop picking on the guy. There’s nothing wrong with having muscle imbalances that could lead to knee problems. Haha.

BTW, I never seem to get my quads sore anymore. I did my squats, speed deadlifts, and reverse lunges and my glutes are the only thing that got sore. I always thought that lunges would get my quads more sore then my glutes, but from experience, its been the other way around. I guess I should do front squats for my next squat variation.

Congrats on the PR. 405 by the end of the year should be real easy, you have more than 6 months.

soreness is all about not doing something specific frequently enough in my experience.

and in lunges you kinda “sit back” so i’d actually expect it to hit the glutes/hamstrings more