New Squat Max


So November 4th I decided to max out on squats and only got 645 which was a 10 lb PR from my previous max. (1st video) Yesterday November 18th was my last heavy day before my meet in December and I somehow managed to hit 685 for a 40lb Pr…after doing 650x2. (55lb bar) (2nd video) (yes i know its a tad high, was a little hard to tell depth) Now I need to decide what I should open with.


I would think 600ish. Neither of those squats were likely deep enough, although the first one was close. 2nd was very high. You don’t want to risk bombing out for sure. If you can hit 600 for a set of 3 to depth any day of the week, that’s what you should go with. Then jump to 650ish. Your 685 was too high for me to have much confidence in anything above that. Your 3rd could be in the 680-700 range.

They both look high but also the camera angle is tough too. next time try recording directly from the side or from the front at about a 80 degree angle

[quote]GodlyCadaver wrote:
Now I need to decide what I should open with.[/quote]

Open with something you can triple. And bury it. If for whatever reason you don’t get it, you’ll have to attempt it again, and possibly a third.

If you smoke it, you show the judges that it was easy weight. If you struggle with your opener, judges are going to take a closer look at your next even heavier attempts.