New Squat Form: Critiques Welcome

I’ve been doing a high bar close to medium stance sitting down approach and have been getting stronger with it, but I wanted to try wide stance sitting back some low bar style and see what happens. I still stuck with Oly shoes mostly to stay more upright to protect my hips and back.

The results were a 15lb and and a 1 rep and a lower RPE PR without even a hit of back or hip strain for this movement. Needless to say I’m sticking with it, but it is new to me so there might be things I can work on that ya’ll might be able to spot better than me. Here’s the video:

I can’t see the video but it sounds like you’ve identified a quad weakness and have brought them up, so your wide stance squat is now benefiting from that. Good job and keep it up.

Squats look nice fletch, I like it. Obviously if you hit a bunch of PR’s, this is the form that you are strongest with. The only thing is, if training the other style of squat resulted in you getting stronger both with the closer stance squat, and then significantly stronger with this wider stance, why switch? It seems to me like you don;t really need to train this type of squat in order to be strong with it, so maybe you should keep devoting say 90% of your training to the type of squatting that actually MADE you stronger and (as strengthdawg said) adresses your weaknesses, rather than switching.

Bottom line, if you are stronger with this form then do 1rm attempts and competitions with it. But it seems to me like the other form was much more effective at building strength and correcting imbalances you have, so I might stick with that in training.