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New Springsteen


Has a new album coming out in March. No Big Man, but he does have Morello, & Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain on a few cuts. Rolling Stone gave it pretty good marks. Supposed to be the angriest album he's ever done. This is the first single. Opinions?


No care ever...the only thing worse then Springsteen are the "punk" bands that now ride his jock in an attempt to be seen as artistic and credible


Those bells in the background remind of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMAe31FFHbo

and it doesn't really seem angry to me, just repetitive.

But to be honest I've never really gotten Springsteen so you'll probably just ignore me. :smiley:


Thanks for your input. Was very insightful.


Not much to it, but I never really got the whole "Boss" thing.


Classic springsteen but he's years behind the nuvo patriotism wave. We're already withdrawing troops.

Not sure what message he's trying to push.


I'm sure it's pretty obvious that being from NJ, I love the guy. Seen him half a dozen times, and he's incredible live - his shows blow me away. And his old stuff is nearly untouchable.

But really, after Born in the USA, he shoulda quit.

His best stuff was then, and before.

That being said, Born to Run is probably the most perfect rock album in history.


My favorite by him is The Rising, which was released in 2002. It might be that I don't care for his older stuff as much because they played the crap out of it. Great Songs, I just heard them too many times.