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New Split


I've decided to split my leg day in two. Plus, I talked my step dad to building a well equipped gym at his house that I can use anytime, thus giving me more days and time to workout. So I am planning on redesigning my training split. I have some ideas of my own but I am interested in other opinions. What split would you recommend for 5 days a week workout with legs being two days(1 for quads and for hams)?


I split legs too. Here's what I do: Tuesday quads - squats or box squats, leg presses, single leg extensions; Wednesday hams and calves - lying leg curl, seated calf raise, stiff legged deadlifts, calves on the leg press, and sometimes lower back extensions.


Day 1 - 2 sets jacknife pushups, 8 sets full squats, 2 sets full front squats, respectively; Day 2 - 2 sets cleans, 2 sets jacknife pushups, 2 sets box squats, 6 sets deadlifts OR 4 sets deadlifts and 1 set seated calf raises and 1 set standing calf raises


since it was ian king who really popularized spliting up ur leg days why not spilt ur days into vertical and hoziational push/pull days and a day for ur protiortied upper body muscle (like arms) something like MON:Vertical push/pull (Bench Presses and rows) Tues:Hams, calves, abs Wes: ARMS Thur:off Fri: hoziational push/pull (military presses and pull-ups) sat:quads, calves, abs, sun:off.....just an idea


iron tank
im just being picky here but
vertical means up and down eg military press and pulldown not sideways


Follow Ian King's recommendations and stick to a four-day calendar schedule (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri). Four days a week is plenty for weight training. I prefer three days a week, and I still use his recommendations on splitting bodyparts. Write down your strengths and weaknesses, and use his split to design your new program. Something like this might work best for you if you have the typical muscle imbalances that many trainees have after a number of years. MONDAY: Hip dominant (deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts), traps, calves. TUESDAY: Horizontal pulling (rows), vertical pushing (overhead presses), lateral raises, biceps. THURSDAY: Quad dominant (squats), calves. FRIDAY: Horizontal pushing (benches), vertical pulling (chins), triceps.

Obviously, you can rearrange things a number of ways depending on your weaknesses. So do something like that. Use 1-3 of your off days for cardio or fun stuff (biking, skating, swimming, etc). I hope that helps. I'm about to follow Staley's Convergent Phase Training. I'll be training Mon, Wed, Fri with a similar approach. Good luck.