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New Split

im going to be able to purchase a car in a couple of months so not having to rely on my parents to get to the gym i want to spend some more time at the gym if i can. i defiantly feel like i could be doing more.
age 17
5’11 220 lbs
old split was copied off Modoks old split. Chest/back, legs, arms/shoulders rest repeat

New split is a chest/arms, legs, shoulders/traps, back repeat rest days just when ever i feel like it

Chest arms 1:

cable cross overs to chin to pre-exhaust upper chest
db incline press
flat bench press
cross hammer curls
dips for triceps
db curls
incline ezbar extenstion
incline db curls

chest arms 2

pec deck
flat db press
incline bench press
reverse grip curls
pin press
barbell curls
OH extension
preacher curl

Legs 1

romanian deadlift/ straightleg whatever
hack squat

legs 2

deadlift cycle between sumo and conventional like i do now
legpress or front squat (tried both and like the leg press better)
leg curls

Shoulder 1

OH seated Press
cable laterals
this lateral/front/db press triset maybe or just front raise
reverse peck deck
hammer strength shrug

shoulder 2

laterals as pre exhaust
db press
btn smith press
reverse peck deck
barbell shrug

Back 1

hs pull overs as pre exhasut
hs high row
old school t bar rows
cable rows close grip

back 2

hs pull overs
close grip pull downs
db rows
hs normal row

id just like some opinions on this split. ik im going to do well on it, just tweaks from the advanced guys about excersie selection could be usefull, or maybe some pit falls i dont see yet.
some numbers if it helps

Deads: right now cause of a quad injury this was my main leg excrcise, 390lbs for 5 reps on convential
squats: because of quad thing i just was able to start up again, right now at 185 for 5, old maz was 285 for 5 in november
OH press: 145 for 7
bench: because of pre-exhaust for chest and it being the last exercise its low lol
165 for 8 rapidly improving

I just dn’t understant why someone who’s one rep max on bench is likely less then their body weight needs to be pre exhausting anythhing!

whats wrong with picking a proven program from this site written by someone who has much more knowledge then you, rather then trying to reinvent the wheel?

My own training never got the results I desired until I had gained the experiance from running through many proven routines. Its not until you have knowledge and experiance that you should really fool around with making your own routine, expecially if you want to employ lots of bells and whistles

The preexhaust helps me feel my chest benching and not my arms and shoulder. My chest is actually growing better now
I’ve always liked just making my own routines and I’ve progressed fine with out a proven one

[quote]texas man wrote:
The preexhaust helps me feel my chest benching and not my arms and shoulder. My chest is actually growing better now
I’ve always liked just making my own routines and I’ve progressed fine with out a proven one

if your goal is mainly size, who cares about the weight used… as long as you can continue to put more weight on the bar, the scale and fill out a tape measure more and more every month.

you might as well use DB’s or stay with the cables if you don’t care about a big bench though. the only reason I bench is because I want to put up 3pps eventually for reps.

also, I’d stick with the old split, or do chest/shoulders/tris and back/bis. since you put back at the very end there, all the arms/traps/legs stuff earlier in the week will likely hamper your back progress (bis, grip, lower back and hams will be toast).

What about putting traps on back day and then doing a back, chest/ arms, legs, and then shoulder day? The trap problem is gone, grip isn’t a real problem due to straps, and my lower back should be fine considering only the trap bars really come into play on back day, and on the current split I’m doing bis and back are only separated by one day and my rowing strength isn’t hindered. One of my main focus with this split other then the mentioned is giving back its own day instead of placing it after chest and giving more atention to shoulders just out of me wanting huge shoulders lol.
Also if I don’t really care about bench press, could I just use the hammer strength? Px and many others on this site like them alot for chest stuff.
(I just realized its the same thing on the day switch if I don’t take a rest day when ever oops)

so you want a bigger back and shoulders as priorities. that’s fine, you can give them their own days… however, if you put back before chest or shoulders, your lats will be too fatigued to give you proper support for upper body pressing.

I would be careful with using fixed path machines unless you’re already Prof_X big, because 1) he knows what a good pec contraction feels like, 2) he uses those machines because benching 4-5pps for reps is kind of dangerous to take to failure, and 3) using machines takes accessory muscles out of the equation, which you need to develop as a newb.