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New Split for Strength & Power


Hey guys i train for strength and power. My goal is to be alot stronger and faster, and to have a low body fat. right now i have around 14% goal is 9-10%, and a hell of alot stronger.

my current split is

Legs and Back
Chest and Arms

Mobility, cardio

Chest and Back(light, variations)
Sprints and Core

HFT, Cardio

Chest and Back
Legs and Core

Off(light cardio/sports)


  • HFT is High Frequency Training, which is cycled on for 3-4 weeks, 6 days a week, far from main work out. Off is 6-10 days.

All other exercises are mainly compound, with very limited isolation work.

Diet is clean 6 meals per day good
260g protein
10g fish oil
limited carbs
good fats


Honestly I say this a ridiculous amount of volume and frequency for strength but what ever works for you.


The nature of strength & power routines require low overall volume to succeed. The schedule you suggest is volume dominant and does not appear to be designed with 'strength & power' as goals. It looks like endurance/frequencey/BF%-reduction plan.


the human body can adapt to most anything if stuck with for long enough.

this "working out/training" thing is all about experimenting with what works for you best.


Adaptation manifests itself in many ways........one athlete training for a marathon & another for a powerlifting meet are both adapting; but in different ways.


It does seem like alot of volume doesn't it, but if you take into account the set and rep scheme, and the variation of active/passive recovery. But i always get 8 hrs of sleep unless i have to be at the base early for some weird reason. But i agrees from the way i presented it, is alot of volume, but if and when i quit making gains, i will rest for a week withe a refeed day, and then return to smash the when ready.