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New Spike Price!!!


Just checked the T-Nation store and saw that Spike is now 29.99. Hooorraayy! Just thought I'd share.



Free bars, then rocky road bars, creatine, decrease in price of Spike...

Anaconda is coming out tommorow.


does it get any better? Have ya got to try the Rocky Road Bars yet?



only if i order tonight


We can dare to dream. I hope Anaconda works as hyped, it would be nice to have a supplement that gives proho results without a pct cycle.


Im glad they lowered it.

Ive recommended it to so many people. There are quite a few guys at my BJJ studio I roll at that have been buying it from GNC. That will change now.

I hope it works well in the mainstream for them. People just need to stick with it. I was one of those people that didnt like it at first. Not for me. However, I went back to it and stuck with it. Now, its replaced my coffee.


yeah it took about a week for me to really get used to the full effect of it. Now I REALLY like it



I would like to see more flavors of protein bars.


anyone heard when Carbolin 19 will be back in stock?


Ive called customer service before about stuff like that, their usually pretty helpfull

MOD NOTE: Write them at service@biotestedge.com or call them at 1-800-530-1940


But what about the bullet???

Heheh, awesome! Thanks Biotest.


I just picked up one of those thats quite similar, got it at CVS, its a little metal pill holder that goes on your key chain, costs like 4 bucks, holds 4 pills.