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New Spike in Canada

The new spike has arrived in Canada. I know some people were reluctant to order it as it contains yohimbine HCL (a scheduled drug in Canada).

It is now available at sports nutrition depot.


Now we can order it without worry. I hope they get the spike shooter in soon. I need it!!

Anybody know where to get Rez-V or Flameout in Canada?

Yeah I ordered some of the new Spike and it got through customs just fine. Small customs charge of $10 for a $100 order but that was it! Looks like sndcanada is quite a bit pricier tho so I think I’ll keep ordering right here from home =D

Yea i just got some on monday, I had a large order, Spike, Grow! and some Metabolic Drive Bars, basically with a $190 US order and $40 shipping, customs only charged me 15 CDN so i was happy with that and will continue to order from Biotest, because having unflavoured protein is great, especially for oatmeal and PWO shakes of protein and gatorade (cant really mix chocolate protein with gatorade).

When i think about it to get all the stuff i ordered in canada it woulda cost me about double and I probally would not have the quality I am getting from Biotest.

only thing i gotta do now is get the spike to have an effect (had 1st one today and nothing happened, gonna try 2 next workout day)

Glad to report I got Spike shooters in Nova Scotia…without problem