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New Speed Diet


My Speed Diet.

Im 196 lb 11%bf 5'11".
Going to this for 21 days.
Following Chad's 10x3 for Fat Loss.

2043 kcal on Train Days
121g Carb , 203g Protein , 83g Fat , 64g Fiber

This stuff in a blender:
1cup red kidney beans
1cup blueberries
2tbs milled flax
1cup non-fat cottage cheese
6 whole eggs & 20 whites
2 scoops Grow!
2tbs Olive Oil EV
Add cold water until consistency is achieved

Results in 3L of liquid food divided @ 2-3hrs 5-6x daily for 20oz of food.

Pre-Shake & Post-Shake:
1/4cup maltodextrin (25g Carb)
1 scoop whey protein
1/2tsp creatine , 2tsp glutamine w/NAC

12 fish oil caps
4 SupremeGreens caps
3 GNC multi-vitamin caps
1 Vitamin C 1g every other day

1.5gal ice cold water

Rest Days
1687 kcal
67g Carb, 177g Protein, 79g Fat, 64g Fiber

1cup red kidney beans
1cup blueberries
2tbs milled flax
2cup non-fat cottage cheese
5 whole eggs & 10 whites
2 scoops Grow!
1 scoop whey
2tbs Olive Oil EV

Thats it.

Ill post some before & after pictures when im done at day 21.

Edited on Day 6! Added more egg protein


Its funny how all the authors say to find support at the forums. 0 replies out of 40 views. Thats why i dont look for support here. Just some feedback from all the GURUS (if any). EVEN A FLAME IS GOOD! Its just pretty pathetic to see people posting to say bad shit about you but not for a little "cool idea good luck" Thankfully we all have choices ....


It's kind of a mess and hard to understand. When are you eating these foods?


If I am reading this right, you are eating eight (8) tablespoons of beans, 5 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of cottage cheese for the day.

You should call this the catabolic diet. You aren't cutting you're losing lean muscle mass.


Agreed, except it's a whole 4 egg whites (32 g of protein at most for jumbo) and 5 whole eggs.


Well, for protein alone, he's getting 32oz skim milk, 1-1/2C cottage cheese, 5 scoops whey powder, 5 eggs and 4 whites, if this is correct, thats around 215g protein. Which is where he says he is at.

Correct me if I'm wrong of course.


Read again


That is still a little empty and catabolic. If speed and weight loss is really your motive, do what Christie Brinkley did; drink only water for three (3) weeks. It damn near killed her but she made the weight for her photo shoot.


Sounds disgusting, I couldn't drink that mess every day for three weeks but more power to you if you manage it. Good luck.


Agreed, looks like gag city to me.


Just curious- Is NAC a new abreviation for table salt= sodium chloride =NaC?
Cause if they are now selling table salt as a supplement, I am going to shit myself and possibly even someone else.


The question no one's asked is: why is someone who weighs less than 200 pounds cutting, especially in the middle of the winter?


Not American. Dont follow main stream bullshit. Thats why i cut in winter!

If you recall anything from Velocity Diet the calories where lower than what im consuming.

Its not catabolic. I consume complete protein every 2-3hrs. Am i wrong?

Why not cut below 200lbs? Not everybody wants to bulk with a belly. One goal i will achieve is build 10-20lbs of muscle with minimum fat. Maintain a 5-8% BF as i add muscle mass. I dont have to follow tradition. Its my quest to learn what works. Besides i got 20 years to figure it out.


While it is similar, this is no where near the Velocity Diet. You have added so much stuff and changed it thats its a totally different diet.

However, post your results and we'll see what happens. Hopefully you do in fact lose fat rapidly.


I knew somebody would eventually ask this question. :slight_smile:

When did it become mandatory at T-Nation to be hyyyuuuuuuge? What's wrong with simply being big'n'ripped? Or even muscular'n'ripped?

Was there a memo sent round that I didn't receive?

I'll go check my postbox...


I was wondering why at 11% bf you're deciding to use this extreme diet. Are you at pre contest time?


Totally different. I am already 3 lbs lighter this morning. Its kinda scary. 1/2" off my waist already. Im freaked out. I am going to make changes to the protein sources. I adding some more eggs, Grow! is coming in, less cottage cheese because of lactose & no milk. Let see what happends. Calories will still be at 1900 - 1700 range. Out for some Combat Conditioning.

Main reason is im going to the Air Force Entrance Processing Station and i want to be ripped.


More power to you dude. Hopefully you get similar results. I snuck in some cottage cheese(1/2 cup...) my first day on V-diet because I was soooo freakin hungry. Maybe this modified version could be the answer for me.


Brilliant idea..should get you the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2025 or so. Is that the kind of attention you wanted?