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New Spanish Law: Men and Housework


A new law in Spain says men MUST now do 50% of the housework. Because women have to work 6 hours a day at home. And men in spain spend an average of 1 hour a day with their kids or housework.

So now men are required by law to do 3 hours of housework when they get home from work.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


In a related story, a new washing machine in Spain has fingerprint recognition so the same person cannot do a load two times in a row


So if you have several loads to do and your spouse is out for the day you are out of luck!


Definitely cry.


Un fucking believable. Talk about nanny government. And the men aren't up in arms about this?


On a related note:

Boys and girls, THIS is socialism.


Yeah, and don't forget, they still have a king...


In a lot of foreign countries men don't do shit but work and get treated like children. You know, here honey, let me get you dinner and help you take off your shoesie woosies. "Thanks bitch." About the law, it is the stupidest think I have heard in 87 days. I like the crazy socialism, I just don't like the particular issue they chose to make a hilarious joke out of.


Important snippets:

"no means of enforcing"

"fundamentally a symbolic gesture"

"we aren't good enough at moaning"

So maybe if their men were capable of giving them the opportunity to learn how to moan there wouldn't be a need for this law?


Does He know that???

So much for the macho bullfighter stereotype. I'd think some shit like that would kick off a revolution. And since I'm kinda close maybe I'll go down and help!


I'm spanish and I haven't heard about that law. since when is domestinc work regulated by the government? u do what u want to do when u want 2 do it

A finger printin washing machine, really?



Since Spain now allows two men to "marry" I wonder who will be doing the housework?

One more problem with Gay marriage LOL


Heh, I wonder who's the bitch in that situation.