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New South Park





It was absolute gold. How they parallelled it to the happenings outside the show... Chef's voice being made up of old sound bits... My favorite line, "Yeah, It is more rediculous!"

Long live South Park. It will be fine without the hypocrite, Isaac Hayes. I am not going to see MI:3 not only because Cruise is nuts, but also because the first two sucked.


I loved it. I love how they zinged scientology on the sly by having it as the "fruity little pedophile club". Chef Vader was brilliant too. I seriously hope Isaac Hayes reconsiders. I'm not holding my breath though.


I am very impressed by the fact that they got the turn around on the show done in a matter of days - unheard of.


Yeah, supposedly they can put together shows in like 5 or 6 days. I wonder if Matt and Tre were expecting Isaac to quit and had been discussing such an episode just in case. The sound bits were goddamn hilarious...I'm still chuckling about some of them.


Crap! When was it on? I'll have to find a torrent.


Its just about to replay 12/11c.


i watched the late show, and the way they phrased the "club" was perfect. I wonder if isaac hayes will get the drift. if he doesn't, i want him out of tennessee legislature.


Loved Kyle's speech at the end (or was it Stan). It was actually a pretty cool way to wish him well/let him know he's nuts/try to get him back.

Plus Chef being eaten by animals and crapping himself was great.


Laughed my ass off. 'Nuff said.


As usual Matt and Trey don't dissapoint. Brilliant.


I posted this in another South Park thread... Isaac Hayes may not have quit:



Hope it's true, I would respect him a lot more for not quitting. I like Isaac Hayes, but everytime scientology is around, everyone seems to have stick in their butt. WTF?!?

Besides, I don't know why scientology guys would be pissed when every other religions in the world has already been laughed at in South Park, often in a much more caustic way....


I guess the best line of the episode can't be posted because of religious whatever.

But it came when from Cartman when they were initially crossing the bridge.

I laughed for about 5 minutes


What are the odds that this whole thing is a publicity stunt to kick off the new season?


Joobs? Haha!


Interesting, I didn't know he had a stroke. I don't think this whole Chef controversy is over yet.


i saw matt and trey on Letterman about 2 weeks ago, and they kind of thought that Issac Hayes would quit if they did the Scientology bit...but they said they went with it anyway...and sure enough he quit...lol


It worked.


Best line of a great episode