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New Snatch Technique


here i go again. i have noticed my shoulder should have been beyond the bar. and probably hips should be lower. it wasnt smooth too. dont know why


Ok, I see improvements here. Your hips stayed lower on the break. You pulled backwards. You were able to recruit your legs more. All positives.

However, I see a pause between the 1st and 2nd pulls. It needs to be one fluid motion. Have a look at this snatch from the side:

Also, get weightlifting shoes as soon as you can.


yah i have noticed that too. but i tried my best not to stop between pulls. and those are addidas trainers/ weightlifting shoes. must be very shitty though lol


Ok, I think I figured it out.

Look at the attached picture. At this point, your weight is in the wrong place. It should be on your midfoot / heels, but here it is on your toes. You are therefore being pulled forward, which makes it impossible for you to be extending backwards in your second pull.

The bar is in the right place. Don't change that. However, once the bar passes your knees, start thinking "back on my heels." As you shift the weight to the back of your heels, you will also start leaning backwards. You won't have to row the bar back into your hips, which is what you are doing now. The bar will end up there automatically because (a) you started with your shoulders past the bar, (b) you shifted your weight back to the heels as soon as the bar passed your knees, and (c) your back started straightening up.

Does this make sense? It's hard to describe online.


Remember this guy? Contrast his position with yours. You and learning forward. He is leaning back. His weight is on his heels. Because he's shifting his weight backwards, he's pulling the bar back into himself with his body mechanics, not with a conscious motion of his arms.


yah i will try that on my next training session. even i felt it wasnt coming smoothly. thats why i failed on heavier weights.


Here's another issue.

In this pic, the bar is too far in front of you. It's pulling you forward. Try pointing your toes out at about a 45-degree angle. If you do that, and you start with shoulders in front of the bar, you will find that the mere act of standing up is going to swing the bar inwards, towards your hips. Your toes are pointing straight out right now, and you are having a hard time transitioning the bar back into your hips from this position.

Again, try toes out at 45 degrees, and shoulders maybe a tad bit more in advance of the bar.


I'm going to make the assumption that you plan on competing.

In my very first meet I utilized a "technique" which resulted in a noticeable pause/slowing down motion between the 1st and 2nd pulls similar to that shown on your video. This occured in both the snatch and clean & jerk and became more prominent as the weights went higher.

Why am I mentioning this?

It cost me a red light by one of the judges on all my attempts and two red lights by the time I hit my final near 1.5x bodyweight clean and jerk.

Apparently, a slowing or pausing between the the 1st and 2nd pull is considered a technical violation though not as universally agreed upon as say an obvious press-out.

As delikurt mentioned, the pull has to be ONE FLUID MOTION.


Really? wtf?

I'm a ref and the bar can not stop at mid thigh, as long as it moves.

OP your issue is your not doing the bar work. Your not pulling with your lats to pull the bar in. Post a video of just the bar.

It won't happen over night. Stick with it and do more bar work and use your lats to sweep the bar in, stay over the bar more and have your hips a tad lower. You dont' sweep the bar in = the weight will in front of you. If you sweep the bar in you will set up a better position.

2nd lift teh bar swings widly out infront of you.

Keep on at it mate and you are improving!




As a ref, would you have red lighted the op's snatch as depicted in his video? I would assume the majority if not all refs wouldn't as the bar didn't come to a complete stop.

In my first meet, I performed a similar slowing (not stopping) of the bar between the 1st and 2nd pulls of both the snatch and the clean & jerk.

The meet was exactly 10 years ago and, although I went on to win my weight class, I still feel the red lights from that one judge (and 2nd judge on my final C&J) were pure B.S.

Bottom line is to keep the pull fluid and don't leave any doubts.


The bar is still moving. It is not stationary. Pass.



I am the only referee that I know who actively looks for this.

In the lift above, I probably would have given a white, but since I am also a coach, I would probably have a chat with him after the competition, since it will limit his lifting to a great degree.

It is (usually) really hard to see if the bar actually comes to a full stop, so it's a judgement call. I've never given a red for it in the snatch. A few in the clean. Usually, it gets worse the closer the lifter gets to his or her max.