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New Snatch PR


Hey, just hit a new snatch PR at the gym today and am excited so I wanted to share. 185 pound power snatch (with wraps cuz I have the grip of a teenage girl) at a body weight of 181.5 lbs. So now a quick question...assuming I stay about the same weight how much would I need to snatch for it to be fairly respectable in the general weightlifting population (I'm no oly lifter, just a guy that likes to move heavy shit as fast as possible).


At ~180, you'd need to snatch well over 100kg to qualify for a national-level meet. Probably more like 120kg. Respectable, but not enormously impressive would be 100kg.

Also, you'd need to stop pressing the bar out with your arms at the end of the lift--this would get your lifts redlighted at a competition.

Nice lift, though, especially if you don't train the classic lifts that often.


hrm so I gotta add 40 pounds to my snatch to be cool. I'll see what I can do :). I have no aspirations to compete in oly, I really only do them because they're fun and they make me jump high. :slight_smile:


Well if you are serious about upping that weight you are definitely going to need to improve you technique and keep practicing. I'm not taking anything away from you, a 185 lbs. snatch regardless of form is impressive, so good job. I know I was fucking ecstatic when I got this for 4 reps for a power snatch from the floor. All I have to say is improve your technique, and you will hit a 100kg snatch much faster than you think.


I agree my form could use a lot of work. I think it looks pretty good at lighter weight when I can really focus on my cues but like many max attempts it can look a little sloppy. But like I said, I just do oly stuff for fun and my form has been learned by watching youtube videos. my current power clean max is 255, if I need to get my snatch to ~225 to be considered decent, where do I need to get my clean? 315?


power snatching more than you weigh is very impressive for a non- olifter in my opinion. What is your vertical jump like?


power snatching more than you weigh is very impressive for a non- olifter in my opinion. What is your vertical jump like?


Well, if anyone sees you power cleaning 275, that is going to be impressive regardless of your snatch. But a 315 power clean is a good goal to shoot for. Just don't work your way up with sub-par form, because you are gonna hurt yourself.


Ummm I think my vert is between 32 and 36 depending on the day


Thats a big range! 32-36!

Congrats on the PR!

Anyone Power Snatching or Snatching bodyweight and over is VERY respectable imo.

Becareful on your feet going further apart to 'receive' the bar. It's a very bad habit to pick up. Your very quick off the floor = good, but it's hard to see from the front on video how your 2nd pull and extension is.

Work on the form a bit and you can get 100kg within 6months. 100kg feels a lot f0cking heavier btw! But depending on how your technique improves you could get it a lot sooner, but if it doesn't you'll strugle to PS 100kg.



Come on dude you look like you can do more than that, that looked too easy for ya. Add 20 kg to your lift shouldn't be to bad, just get mad before you lift.


Congrats! My best snatch was 135 at a bodyweight of 165. I haven't really done them seriously in a couple years.

My next phase of training will focus heavily on oly lifts though.

And as everyone said, watch your form, man. That "catch" looked kinda scary. And once you learn to keep your arms locked and stop pressing the weigh, 100kg will be a piece of cake.

Nice job....again.


Good job man. Keep us posted on the PR's!


That video reminded me of a chinese weightlifting instructor who deliberately demonstrated the wrong way to do a hang clean...

I'm very very sorry.


Hi Koing! :slightly_smiling: I'm back. Please PM or something.