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New Snatch Grip Deadlift Max - 525


unfortunately my training partner turned off the camera... so here is 495;



Damn, very nice lift.


Great lift, snatch grip DLs are brutal!


That is an awesome lift.


Strong as balls. Honest question, aren't the straps taking some of the point of the lift away? Not knocking you at all, that's a legit question.


I don't think so. I can see how they would on a regular dlift. I really see the exercise as a great way to develop posterior chain strength and back thickness. I never thought of it as a lift to compete in. Most of the articles I've seen it described in have always mentioned that straps were okay to use since the increased range of motion was primarily for the back and hamstrings benefit, and not the grip. Thanks for the feedback.


You are strong as shit, awesome job.


Makes sense from here. Thanks.


That ROM is ridiculous.


To be honest, I haven't met anyone who wasn't limited by their grip with this exercise (although I'm sure there are some on this site).

It's impossible to mix the grip so you have to use double overhand, and the wide hand placement on top of that makes it even harder to hold on to.


Great lift man. Are you using them to help your Stone lift/pick? I haven't been doing them long but they sure have helped my pick for the Stones.


From deficet too, nice job bro


How tall are you btw


Wow, dude. Extremely Impressive.

What's your pr on a conventional dead lift?


Way to make it look easy.


No, I just do them for the added hypertrophy benefit and carryover to the regular version.




  1. Thanks for the feedback guys.


Myself included. I just always thought [assumed] that part of the point was to strengthen your grip enough through the lift that it would no longer be a limiting factor.


Some lift!