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New Slingshot


I just got my new "original" slingshot and am having a problem using it. I am 6' 240 lbs and bench over 400lbs. I ordered the 2XL size. I tried my first set with 315 and the bar literally got stuck on my chest. I took it off and completed my usual 8 reps. My buddy got the mad dog and is doing great with it. I tried sliding it halfway up my elbows and also up over my biceps and still can't move it. Anyone have this problem or can offer any advice? Very frustrating cause my buddy did 9 reps with 405.....and I'm actually stronger than him!


I’m really confused… How do you bench 400+ raw but 315 gets stuck on your chest… With or without the SS you should be moving that weight fairly easy. Video please


video please


It could be that you dont bench over 400.


Ive found any kind of supportive gear takes a little acclimation before I can get weight out of it, and some of em I will move less weight for a few training sessions, but your situation is excessive, something is off there.


I have a similar issue when using a belt. I think, like others have said, it’s probably from lack of practice with it (I rarely use a belt). I just got a reactive sling shot myself and I’ll use it tomorrow on Bench day. Hopefully the same won’t happen me…


I have an extremely tough time with the Slingshot. The thing handcuffs me at the chest. Like you, I’ve gotten stapled with less than my raw bench with one on. I lift equipped and I’ve never had such a hard time with even a tight bench shirt on.

I’ll suggest two things. First, play with the positioning of the slingshot on your arms. Some people like to have the slits in the arms of the slingshot right over the elbow joint. I’ve found it works better for me to have the cuffs a little bit higher on my arm.

Secondly, make sure the “chest plate” of the Slingshot is actually on your chest when you setup. A lot of times it will ride up on me towards my neck. In effect, this causes my elbows to flare up and out of position off the chest. Be sure that when you descend that you are stretching out the chest plate by flaring your elbows out. Practice with boards until you’re comfortable.


get a titan ram. they are much better.
I used both before I bought one and went with the ram. with the slingshot it fits over your elbows and doesn’t offer any further adjustment. while the ram can be worn as low as over your elbows and as high as your upper biceps. the higher you move it up the more it gives you weight wise, the lower you go down the less it gives you weight wise and helps you with form.