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New Sin City Movie!


So I was fiddling around online and stumbled across the new sin city movie "A Dame to Kill For"....any thoughts?
and how bout the new 300 movie, or the new avatar movie, or avengers.....damn there is alot of great movies coming out soon


I'm glad that Brolin has been cast as early Dwight McCarthy and that Levitt is also making an appearance. I liked Rodriguez's first adaptation but I think there was something fundamentally empty about it, not quite fulfilling the perfectly constructed metaphors and moralities of a film noir to the extent that it could have, hopefully A Dame To Kill For will expand on that. Also excited to see Marv again, I really enjoy Marv's character. And Eva Green making an appearance, I appreciate her a lot as an actress.

I'm not going to hold my breath for the new 300, I guess it knows what it has to follow suit on as a macho action movie, but I don't expect any real substance out of it and I'm probably not going to buy into it's mindless antics. Also a strange choice for the director, given his inexperience with feature length films and his lack of expertise in the action genre, might be even less fulfilling than Snyder.

I guess it's way too early to make any educated predictions on the Avatar sequel, but I was disappointed for the first given it's hype. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, I thought it was reasonably good, but it was put on a pedestal that it didn't so much deserve on the final cut. I'm glad that Cameron didn't give in so much to the graphical implications of the film to completely disregard everything else about it though, and I do admire his integration of the CGI to bolster the film but not replace other important elements vital to it's success outside of commerce.

I guess the same goes for an Avengers sequel in regard to being too early for opinions and such, though I greatly enjoy Joss Whedon as a director and I hold no doubt that he'll create something just as brilliant with the second as he did with the first, I will be watching it should it have a smooth ride through production.

I look forward to most of these a lot, and I shall be going to the cinema for most of them on the opening week, maybe even day if nothing else is catching my eye on release week.


I have high hopes for a dame to kill for.....
I'm pretty sure ill like the new 300 simply because it will be alot of gratuitous violence and gore...
even though the new avatar is still a ways off, if it is half as good as the first one it'll be awesome.
I actually also saw that there is a new wolverine movie coming out this year also....I'm SUPER excited about that


Yes, I expect to enjoy A Dame To Kill For because I enjoy Sin City as a style and I did like Rodriguez's first, I really do hope it goes deeper. I always tend to like Rodriguez's films, but I've never really been awe-stricken with any of them outside of El Mariachi, they kind of sit in second/third tier for me, which is still a very good place to sit.

Yeah I think I will enjoy the second Avatar film a lot, I doubt James Cameron will flop under pressure, he has a great track record for not doing that.

One of our forum members 'Rattlehead' is salting his pantaloons in preparations for the new Wolverine. I don't think I've ever really been too satisfied with any Wolverine movie adaptations, and if I were to guess I would expect the new one to head in the same direction, but I might be pleasantly surprised. X-Men First Class was like that, even though Wolverine had a very, very short role, I still underestimated it in my early predictions.


Fucking damn right i'm excited for Wolverine :wink:


gonna be awesome!


I hope they push for an R rating, Fox let it slide with Prometheus so i'm hopeful...

Need to differentiate themselves from the slew of bloodless comic movies.


I agree.....imagine if they made a hulk vs wolverine movie like the comic. that'd be some graphic violence


Not exactly what you meant but its something.


Have any of y'all ever read the "a dame to kill for" series? Last time I read it I was inn the 6 (SIXTH!!!) grade, but it was awesome. Still got 'em (along with the original Sin City GN) so gonna have to go back and re-read 'em. For the record, the first movie was probably the most faithful adaptation I've ever seen.