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New Sighting of UFO Over China



I think it's prolly just somebody keeping tabs on China making sure they don't get smart and try to pull some shit. Could be wrong. This is like the 8 sighting since June so something is up.


The UFOs are a gentle reminder from our 'caregivers' to the Chinese to not cause serious issues. In 1945 they (our caregivers) became aware that we had become nuclear-capable. That was the signal flare to them that another species had reached a point of self-annililation. They thus assign a small watch station here on earth to prevent a final and devastating war.

Think of our world as a wild game preserve and they are the game wardens. You'll then have a pretty accurate picture of how the world functions.


The way your brain is wired you can almost hear the fuses blowing one by one from across the internet.


I think it was Tengri:

"Conan: [chuckles] Crom laughs at your four winds. He laughs from his mountain.
Subotai: My god is stronger. He is the everlasting sky! Your god lives underneath him."


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Why do you guys think that there have been no global wars since 1945? Why do our elite favor a world government?

Very slowly and gently, the 'game wardens' are bringing us up to speed, to join the community of worlds.

How difficult is it to believe?


explain headhunter.


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for each 2010 conspiracy theory, there is a 1950 science fiction book.

in this case :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Childhood%27s_End by Arthur C Clarke.


Arthur Clarke was hired by us (my predecessors) to write Childhood's End to slowly get people used to the idea that the individuals who very benevolently and very distantly run our planet are NOT evil beasts intent on enslaving us or some such nonsense. In fact, UFO sightings are often our protectors chasing off poachers and tourists. Remember the famous NASA vid where a warning shot was fired and the intruder speeds off in the other direction? That was actually the equivalent of teenage joyriders out for a lark, so to speak, which is why they were not terminated.

Our protectors are actually very kind and benevolent, giving us small bits of technology to improve our lives. As I understand it, a much more efficient method of utilizing solar power is in the works -- a storage unit the size of a large thermos will replace all the old batteries that we used to require for storage. This is a great gift they are giving us.

In short, the future is very bright and will finally 'arrive' once we achieve global governance (actually much closer than anyone not in the know thinks).

There. Bash away gents. I know you won't believe me but my telling you and you knowing doesn't alter anything. I just felt like telling the real deal for once.

The Headhunter




HH, that's a nice story and all, but someone somewhere would have let the cat out of the bag. I think we all tend to think too far outside the box to explain things.


I think the Asians are aliens...

have you ever looked straight at an Asian for more than 30 seconds? Try it and you will see what I am talking about


My daughter is adopted from China and, while your idea has a hint of truth, it is because of some ancient breeding. The blue spot that Asians have at the base of their spine is a holdover from that.


That's one of the best scenes!
And it is by far the most realistic one:

Conan falls silent after Subotai's bronze age argumentation proves superior.
("Damn, Crom does live underneath his gods!")

BTW, it's typical in our human history for chief gods to eventually assimilate powers or rulership over the skies, for that reason.
Even Jehova started out probably as a fertility goddess and ended as a weather god, before becoming the true and only god (nudge nudge wink wink).


Bill Clinton couldn't even keep a sexual tryst quiet. But we're supposed to believe there are hundreds of people working in government who are keeping contact with alien life a secret. As I've asked on prior threads; what did these loons do before there was an Internet?

(Eye Roll)


Before the internet there was a network of underground intelligence exchange officers who used coding in the letters that they typed and faxed to editorial sections of newspapers.

The clever part of all of this is that the code was not in the words, letters, and sequences of words or letters that they used, but in the ones that they Didn't use!

Headhunter just did it to us now by divulging what would seem to be clandestine information which is actually completely useless. Hiding in plain sight and even taunting people who are not part of their plan with juicy bits like the one he just "divulged" are some of the favorite tactics of these conspirators.


Lousy teenage drivers...


That is quite a few words you aren't using in this post isn't it?

This is your way of setting off an alarm of some type, huh?

Well, two can play at this game!


Fort Meade rocks!

Figure THAT one out.