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New Shugart Article and Stress

In Chris’s new article ‘Five Ways to Get Unstuck and Turn Back on the Gains!’
(www.t-mag.com/articles/224ref.html), he says, “Probably the most overlooked factor in overtraining is life stress. Simply put, if you’re stressed out, your body isn’t going to be in an ideal muscle-building or fat-burning mode.” Okay, I’m stressed out. What techniques have you guys used successfully to reduce stress?

Depends on the stressor. Most of the time, I just walk away from it for a few minutes. Not always practical, but useful.
Larger issues - a variety of ways to deal with it. This isn’t probably going to be popular with the allopathic crowd on this board, but www.emofree.com (or is it .org?) has some interesting ‘energy psychology’ things (think reiki/accupressure/psych) that I have personally used to great success as a performing musician.
Another thing is to try to identify every possible stressor in your life and figure out which ones you can do something about and which ones you cant - if nothing else you can get a sense of control over something.
Cheat days relieve a lot of stress too :slight_smile:

Finally going through with a divorce and letting the bitch go do her own thing. I also get much pleasure and relaxation in coaching my kids soccer teams.

Solve the problem at the sourse if possible. I think too many people look to a prescription pill, pot, or (gasp!) yoga, when they really need to fix the problem, not avoid it. Not always possible I know, but more possible than many think. If you’re stressed because of normal stuff like work and school, try to take at least one zone out day per week where you nothing but play video games or something. Remember, Type A guys are usually pretty successful, but they die young.

Couldn’t agree more…solve the friggin’ problem…it’s the only way to totally eliminate the stress. By the way, I thought I read some study that talked about how it wasn’t really true that Type A’s have shorter lifespans…were you just saying that, or have you really seen evidence?

I just remember reading it in my old Psych 101 class back in college, plus I’ve read it other places. Seems that Type-A’s have heart problems more than others. If you’ve seen anything new or contrary, I’d like to read about it. Also, I’d think that a Type A who trains would cancel out the negative aspects of being Type A.

I am genetically and naturally a tense, anxious, and stressed person. This may not be the answer you expected, but I find that using the Alpha-Stim keeps me calm and focused. As a matter of fact, the Alpha-Stim works MIRACULOUSLY well. No exaggeration. In addition, it helped with the pain I encountered after fracturing my right leg.

I go out into the woods and kill my own food. There is nothing like hunting to make me realize that sometimes, life is OK.

If that doesn't work I blow shit up.

I’ve recently started doing yoga. In addition to the increased flexibility, doing the yoga routine recommended for me produces a profound sense of relaxation.

Full blown Type A personality people probably do live shorter lives, on average. I think I have some Type A qualities, certainly one of them is competitiveness, but I also train (de-stressor), eat healthy, get adequate sleep, and I don’t lose my temper. With no health problems in the future, I’d expect to live well into my 90’s.

Were you also the guy who suggested Ragnar Benson books? Either way, I like the way you think.

What's the old saw? There's no problem that can't be solved with creative usage of high explosives? ;)

How about yoga and shit blowing up? No really I’ve noticed physical oriented things relaxe me… sex and yoga. But watching shit blow up is great! Really… I’m into naturally blowing up things! Like volcanos or tornados… when I look to things like that it makes me humble and for some reason really relaxes me… weird? Too each his own… but yes that best way I believe is to fix the problem through great mental deliberation.

Demo is on track

the latest issue of mens health has real good article on “stress.” seemingly a little too deep for mens health crowds but a very good article

For me vipassana meditation works best.

Sometimes Demo has shit pretty well figured out.