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New Shower Split.


Some of you train their whole bodies, while other people target one or two muscle groups at a given training session. Recently, I have developed a similar style of approach when it comes to bodily hygiene.

For my entire life, I have been washing my entire body. I must have reached a plateau because in recent years I've stalled in terms of hygiene because people have been telling me that my armpits smell a lot worse than my traps and calves, and my anus more oily than my face. So to make progress, I've been switching things up now by splitting up my body parts when I shower, as I soup up, scrub, wash, and dry each body part for 30 minutes intricately while varying in types of strokes, speed, techniques, tools, soap and shampoo.

This is the new cycle this month:

Monday : Anus (dynamic circles)
Tuesday: Fingers and Toes (back and forth repetitions)
Wednesday: Armpits (diagonally).
Thursday : Penis and Low Back (max effort taps)
Friday : Chest (slow controlled until skin rips)
Saturday : Stomach (with a spotter, usually my maid)
Sunday : Off

As you can see, I've neglected some parts. Hey, some people never train legs :slightly_smiling:

But I mean legs can be covered by washing other parts like when I wash my crotch and pubes and the water and the soap drip down to the legs to clean it. Kind of like targeting your chest with bench, but your triceps get worked out too.

How do you wash your body?



Why not just put soap on your lover's appendage, that way you can skip anus and hit legs directly?


Max effort penis-taps sound really unpleasant. Have you considered using the repetition method instead? Gets me pretty swole.


Gotta love Frank



Thanks, now my keyboard is covered in coffee from my nose.


Nasal cleansing. Is the last thing you should be doing noob.


Since I am uncircumcised, repetition hurts. I have to tap it to avoid tearing the foreskin.


I'm just glad this wasn't a new Sandusky thread.




Yeah except not really. Quit encouraging this clown.


Not a fan of higher art?


Higher art? lol.

You're talking about the guy who filmed himself getting sodomized by a hobo and calls it art. He also posted a story about his pedophile moment with a 5 year old girl in GAL (which was quickly deleted, but not before I read it). He has one trick in his bag, shock value, and that's it.


But he does get props for doing speed deadlifts in a public gym in the nude.


Big day?


just did my penis taps. it got fuckin swole brah


I never called the hobo thing art. I never even said I got sodomized. I never claim to be making art in most of the videos that I did. Art is a useless word nowadays anyway.

But who cares? I provide the lolz, and hopefully at the same time I can make you think about things differently, and even for just a second, give your consciousness a little shock, then I'm happy :slight_smile: So "shock value" or not, I like making and getting shocks in different ways at different moments at different degrees. I get pretty shocked when I see a really strong lifter or when I see a great painting. I also get pretty shocked when I step on dog shit in a 5 star restaurant. IMO you need a little bit of both kinds of shocks and everything else in between to not get bored with life.

There are things I do that I consider "serious" (training, playing music, making sculptures) that might shock you, and things I do for pure entertainment and attention that might also shock you, and then there are things I do for "troll", which if you do it right, it becomes a form of satire that can fit somewhere in between.

If you take and do things too seriously people might mock you and call you pretentious and egoistic. If you take and do things too lightly or when you have too much fun, people might think that you are mindless fucking around without a point. But if you troll right, you can always play safe by slipping to the other side when one is accusing you with the other and deliver the point across through stealth.

I can't tell which of the three I'm doing most of the times, so I can't really blame people when they simply put me and my endeavors and products in categories like "art", "non-art", for "shocks" and what not. But this is the fun of it for me, and hopefully for you too.


Ever get soap down your penis hole? OMG! It burns and burns a long time!


I don't know about those things, but he IS definitely entertaining and outside the box.

EDIT: I see Frank posted an explanation.


Guy is strong and athletic as fuck too.

Very entertaining and causing more then one WTF moment :slight_smile: