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New Shoulder/Upper Body Excercise?


Well i really dont no what to call this but ill just call it a " Hold a barbell infont of you and try to see how long you can hold it for".

So anyway i started doing these, let me tell you its preaty tuff, i mean i can probably only hold the bar and like 5lbs on each side for only a few seconds. I really feel it in my shoulder and arms very well.

4x max static holds, i do this and after i get through the pain i feel great and light.

I would think that doing this really adds to other excercise like bench press, maybe even jurk. But one thing i really think this excercise helps with is really just punching, my arms feel lighter alot so i guess it would help. What do you guys think?


You just described an isometric barbell front raise.

If that's the case it's primarily a front delt exercise. I wouldn't reccomend doing them unless you for some reason don't do a lot of pressing movements. Your front delts get a lot of stimulation from them anyway.


In regards to punching, I don't think it will help much other than general strengthening of your muscles - a punch requires quite diferent loading and a different technique...

I think I've heard around somewhere that the joint range carryover for isometric exercises is about 15%? Discounting that the line of loading is different in this exercise to a punch, if you want to strengthen yourself in a movement and use isometric exercises you might want to use intermediate position holds.

I think there are better uses of your training time.


i still like it though,i think i may just start doing it at the end of my workouts just for fun, some extra stuff never hurt!


This is almost on topic.

I saw a boxer doing a a kettlebell exercise that was kinda cool. He started with the KB near his right ankle his upper torso rotated to the side. Then he made a sweeping hook motion to his midline. At about the height of his neck, and at the midline of his body, the other hand "caught" the KB and slowed it, while rotating the torso, until stopping it by his left foot. He did this back and forth many many times. His trainer came over to see how things were going and the guy said, "I'm mainly feeling this in my legs". The trainer shouted, " WELL NO SHIT. Where do you think your power comes from?"