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New Shoulder Pain

I woke up yesterday and had pain raising the left arm. After a long time feeling around, I found that it was sore on the lateral edge of the Acromion. It didn’t hurt at all in my workouts, and so I wasn’t sure what happened. I benched the day before and in doing 315 on the third rep one of my spotters grabbed the right side of the bar thinking that I didn’t have it, (That’s my fault), but it didn’t hurt. I also did two sets of 10 bench presses from the neck, and finished with some external rotation exercises and did heavy squats the following day.

Any advice. It feels better today but I was going to just do light stuff this week and then max at the end of next week.

most people don’t take this advice when i give it…but go buy the book “The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion” by Pete Egoscue.

Egoscue is some kind of body worker that specializes in relieving body pain. his book is simple and straightforward and has four different lists of exercises (mainly stretches) that will eliminate all body pain and alignment issues.

because im an idiot i haven’t followed the parameters through to the fullest i am not completely pain free, but i can say that whenever i spend twenty minutes at night doing his program i am pain free in a normally agonizingly painful shoulder the next day. ive also eliminated chronic foot pain from an eight year old injury by doing his stuff.

if you got the guts, buy it, do it, it will work.

Sweet! Thanks for the info. I’ll probably go and buy that book now :slight_smile: