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New Short Films for Your Review

Hey guys, haven’t posted on here in a bit but a long while ago I posted a short film by me and my cousin. Can’t even find the original post. Anyway, some posters expressed curiosity in seeing some of my future work, so here are some links! I’d love if some of you would watch them and tell me what you think.

This one is 4 minutes long. It won Best Dramatic Short at the St Louis Filmmakers Showcase and was selected for the St Louis International Film Festival.


Next is 7 minutes long. This one won Audience Choice at the 48HR Film Festival we filmed it for. Everything in this one was done in a 48 hour time span. It’s one of my favorites. It’s all accepted to St Louis International Film Festival, and also Slamdance, a sort of smaller version of Sundance.


If you haven’t picked up by now, our website is www.Jrux.net. I’ll leave you with one last movie that I don’t expect most of you all to watch because it’s a little longer. We just wrapped editing last week and premiered it online last night. It’s 19 minutes long.


Appreciate all comments and criticism guys!