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New Shirt

Goldberg mentioned on the Westside thread that his new Inzer shirt came in. He made the mistake of sending a pic of it to me, so here it is.

Plus this bumps my total posts closer to his.

So that is what big goldie looks like?

Does the shirt force your arms out like that?

Yep, this is him. And yes, that’s an effect of the shirt. I was tempted to tell you that he has a very bad case of ILS, but I chose to be good.

After seeing this I know that the shirt I sent back was way too small.

jared lol
ILS first thing that came to mind. you should post this on his “everyone should have to post their pic” thread.lol

  1. Goldberg has massive forearms.

  2. That shirt looks funny on him.

  3. Mulch isn’t meant to be adorned with athletic shoes. Stick a plant in there or something.


Have you ever been to a power lifting meet? The first one I’ve ever attended was just this past August.

The oddest sight was of the lifters with their bench shirts on. They all resembled Frankentstein in some ways: moving stiffly with outstretched arms (even having to rest their arms on the shoulders of a friend or coach while waiting their turn).

Wierd. Just wierd.

I guess this is a good Queer Eye “before” photo.

“Honey, what is going on with that shirt? Do you have it on backwards or something? We have GOT to get you in a V-neck or something, maybe some corduroys too? And what about that shoe? ‘A place for everything and everything for a place.’ And if a shoe HAS to be lying around, at least let it be a current Prada or soemthing. I think some magnolias would look absolutely fabulous there. We’ll have you queered up in no time, child.”

I’m working tonight, I can get Goldberg into a bench shirt with details, maybe a stitched twill cowboy or a linen snap down.

Rumbach, I knew I could count on you.

Rummy, you got a matching cowboy hat to go with that shirt?

Goldie will look mighty fiiiiiine.

I’ll have to look, I’m thinking a leather cowboy hat with gold acorn tassles.

he’s a big dumb animal isn’t he folks?

Goldie, you look a hell of a lot nicer than that gruff bastard you portray on the net.


Mike, he’s nice as long as you don’t dump a squat before he’s about to go.

Cool looking shirt, now I'm waiting for mine.

haha cool. i look retarded in mine too, arms stick straight out.

I told Jared pretty much the same thing Mike said. Great to put a friendly face to a name.

Goldie, you’re a big mofo.

Man, I thought you looked different than that based on your nut-busting video of your platform and the shower rod breaking.

I don’t know anything about powerlifting, so I’m gonna ask a question. Are there such things as open back bench shirts? Or is your shirt supposed to leave your back open like that? Or does is zip up or something?

I sounded like an idiot, I know.

Geez, JWright, what an idiot!

So anyway, why is it made like that? I mean, for all us,er, those that might not know?