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New Shirt

Thanks to Patricia for the idea…

My new workout shirt…

“Jesus died to forgive our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?”

~ Jules Feiffer

can I have one? does it come with leather sandals?

Why not stick with the original abbreviation, WWJD, and make the shirt say “What would jesus deadlift?” Put a picture of a hugely buff jesus on it all in robes and sandals and stuff pulling like 800 pounds.

That’d totally kick ass.

I believe Jesus had an awesome body. After all, he was a carpenter before there were power tools. And there is a reference to him in the Bible of turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple and running them all out of the temple. Now these aren’t small modern tables, like we know tables, these were some solid old time tables and being able to run a group of men out of the temple you would have to be sporting an intimidating physique and nature.

I’ve seen some pretty good ones.

“Wait Training” – They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…

I wish I had the old links to the T-shirt shops. There were so many Christian theme T-shirts referencing training.

That’s the stuff, Cupcake. I can alternate this with my “Breast Inspector” T-shirt for maximum effect.

I disagree. Jesus struck me as a skinny bastard. His strength was only a product of his divine nature. JC definitely needed to bang out some squats and DL’s to pack on the mass. It’s also too bad that Berardi wasn’t around in those days.

Put these sayings on the shirt too:

Jesus…What’s Your MAX BENCH?

Jesus…2,000lb Club (Bench, Squat, Deadlift)

That’s Interesting, it’s funny how you can form mental pictures without really knowing what a person looked like. More than likly our mental pictures are based more on the actors that played Jesus in moives. But I would think since he was the “Perfect man” he would have the Perfect Body as well.

satisfied smile

I also wonder:
“Would Jesus Eat Soy?”

What about the picture of him on the cross?

Zev, great idea but I am not an artist, just a hack who can fool around with CorelDraw…maybe someone with the skill to draw what you describe (Now, THAT would be a cool shirt!) could help out here…maybe someone with the initials, oh, I don’t know, maybe P…last name Atricia?

Where are you Wonderwoman? Your public needs you!

“We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity”

~ John Lennon

Phatman, actually I believe there are verses speaking of there being nothing extraordinary about his appearance, so I wouldn’t see him having the perfect body.

According to his overall humility and meakness, I would suspect Jesus to be a short, average looking Jew. Nothing special. Remember, Judas had to kiss Jesus to identify him to the guards, leading many to believe he was very average and “divine-looking.”

I do dig the shirt though.


If Patricia or someone made up the What Would Jesus Deadlift? shirt, I would buy that in a second. That is a great idea.

golf clap for Zev

I am in your debt sir.

God was a 5 foot tall man that had big glasses and smoked cigars. Shit, that was George Burns and it was a movie. You’re right, Phatman. My image of God is based on people who have played God haha

If you want to add some multi-cultural flair, you could make a shirt saying, “Buddha was on a bulking phase.”

In any event, the history of xtan iconography is sort of weird. The early xtans didn’t do much art, and most of the modern depictions in the west were derived from Byzantine images.

While the collective west had its head up its ass, the byzantines were still pumping stuff out which was heavily influenced by their pagan images. The westerners were so impressed when visiting the byzantine courts that they modelled there stuff after it. This is why the catholic image has the stylized greek nose and facial lines and a bit of a resemblance to Alexander and Apollo. (Alexander’s image was also modelled after apollo)

It’s interesting to note though, that the ethiopian christian community portrays Jesus as black and many of the modern latin groups portray Jesus as mestizo. People like to make him look identifiable. The one image he never seems to be portrayed as-- ironicly enough-- is of the Jew.

“According to his overall humility and meakness, I would suspect Jesus to be a short, average looking Jew. Nothing special…”

Jesus looked like Woody Allen?

Whoda thunk?

“I’m such a good lover because I practice a lot on my own”

~ Woody Allen

I’d buy that buddha shirt. Holy crap that’s cool!

CGB - Thanks Bro that was awesome I’m still luaghing at that one…

Good points to Poohbah and JaredNFS Your right, but he still had to be pretty damm strong to clear out that temple. LOL

Would Jesus Deadlift or Lift the Dead?