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New Sheiko Programs Available


Apparently Sheiko, the man himself, has found out that internet PL warriors like us are using his poorly translated programs and loving the hell out of them.

Since the programs were only meant to be examples (not one size fits all programs), are older (he has apparently learned more and made some minor modifications for his recommendations), are poorly translated (babelfish isn't as reliable as you would like to believe), and are often misused, he has decided to revise them and make it so we have an entire set of accumulation, transmutation, and realization phases that are meant to be run as one program.

They are available on his website.

He has posted a 4 day program, a 3 day program for people under 80 kg, and a 3 day program for people over 80 kg.

They are available for download. I would grab them while you can. There is no guarantee that they will be up forever.

I just wanted to draw attention to it as 1) there are several versions of the original sheiko programs floating around. (I have seen 29 translated in at least 2 different ways. Not radically different, but still...) 2) You cannot beat free programming from the man himself with revisions.

As for anyone who is running a Sheiko program, feel free to leave your opinion of the programming, a comment on progress you've made with it, or other relevant information. Good discussions are always welcome.

If you have any other information, or a good place to pick up a spreadsheet, pleas share the wealth.

I hope that this was of benefit for someone.


This thing is the real deal from the man himself.

It has detailed volume calculation graphing as well as easy to read calculations.

As someone who is always after great programming that is all in one place and requires no translation or reading between the lines, this is an awesome find.

If you grab it and run it, please post results! I always like hearing about peoples progress, and what people learn. We all benefit that way.


Awesome, thanks for pointing this out. There are also answers to questions that have caused past confusion due to translation issues and plain misinformation. One example is "deadlift to knees"-- it means pause at the knees and then lower back to the ground rather than pausing and then completing the rep (which the templates refer to as "pause at knees" when this is intended). Great to also see suggestions on how the approach might be modified to meet requirements of specific lifters.


I went to the Arnold Classic this year with the guy who originally found and translated all the Sheiko programming that we've had up to this point. And you know what's funny is I can tell that they just edited his spreadsheet with the updated program info haha! In fact I downloaded an earlier version of the spreadsheet from Sheiko's website that actually still had a note from ChaseT in there. Looks like they deleted it now though.


I'm seriously geeking out over this.

:D! :D! :D!


Can someone give me a hint on where to download these. I am failing miserably.


I'm in the 4th week of the over 80kg 3 days split and liking it so far. I honestly did it just to see if I could get through it. I had always read that it was for more advanced lifters but so far I've made it through every workout. Last night I worked up to 4 sets of squats at 85% in the squat, the 4 doubles at 80% for bench! the had to work back up to 4 doubles at 80% in the squat again. I'm not going to lie, that was a rough one, lol


Three days a week (both under and over 80kg bw): Sheiko Forum » General Powerlifting » Sportsmen: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Classes

Four days: Sheiko Forum » General Powerlifting » CMS, MS, & MSIC

Cannot get more specific because of mods here :wink: ! ! !

One very interestng thing is that Sheiko himself sees his programs as general templates more than cookie cutter ones, to follow to the T: you are "allowed" to modify them to fit you better (once you understand how they work, which is not very easy...).


Was ChaseT the guy that did the original spreadsheets?


I was searching for info on Pozdeev, Belyaev, Malanichev, and Koklyaev.

Aside from Malanichev (who I believe has worked with Sheiko) the others seem to use his programming and style.

It should also be noted that some guys like Ben Rice have also used his programming style.

All of these guys have their own way of running "Sheiko," but it never hurts to build a base understanding of how your body responds with a pre-written program, and then tailoring it to your own needs. Obviously that advice is not suited to beginners, who should do programs as written until they gain experience.

I am glad that this was helpful to you guys, and that you enjoyed it!


Most definitely !


Yea he's a really cool dude.


I think I have one, but it doesn't have his name on it anywhere.

There was also one available on PL watch, which I downloaded.


I cant seem to download it, do you have to be a forum member?


I am neither a forum member of sheiko's site, nor a member of PL watch, and I had no trouble downloading any of the programs I have on my computer.

If you cannot download it, and you really want it badly, I will email it to you.


Kraken, my hub says that you posted in here, but I cannot see the post.

Did you get the program?


Thats because I'm getting older so tech doesn't work for me. My tablet will cause me to double post if I use the back botton. I'd love for you to email me, I'll try to PM, unless I my dementia has stolen that ability too.


My PM on this site doesn't work all the time, so be sure to post back here when you send the message.


I pm'd you


I didn't get it, but later I will create a new gmail account, post it up, and then you can email me your email, and I will send you the programming.

Expect that to be pretty late though.