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New Runner


I'm going to start running in the mornings since that is the best time for me. As I need to increase my flexibility anyway and since I always get tight when I run I was wondering if anyone had any good stretching routines for pre and post run.

Any suggested reading or material would be great, too.



I had this problem for quite awhile when I started HIIT training on the treadmill. My legs would tighten up within a few minutes no matter how long I stretched before my run. I finally paid one of the trainers at my gym who is also a CMT for several massage therapy appts. 4 sessions later I have not had a problem since. I do continue to schedule at least 1 appt a month and I have noticed considerable progress with tightness.


I always stretch before i start running, not because i get tight when i run but simply because i dont want any injuries. I found this website: fitness-junkie.com/Running-Articles.html very helpful. But, im sure you might be able to get some better advice here.


Thanks, i'll try that site.


There is really no reason to stretch before you run. Just do some light warm-up type stuff to get the blood pumping, circulate your joints to get that synovial fluid moving, and go for it.

Static stretching actually WEAKENS the muscles and connective tissue, giving you more of a risk to injury.

If your general flexibility is a problem for you - then running is going to make it worse, albeit unless you adapt a proper stretching routine.

Read any articles or books you can get your hands on by Thomas Kurz - hands down probably the most functional information compiled on stretching and flexibility.


Yeah, I wasn't planning on static stretching prior to running as I know it's not good to stretch cold muscles like that. I was planning on warming up before running and then stretching when I finished.

I was unaware that running hampers flexibility, though.

Thanks for the advice, i'll try and find some stuff by Thomas Kurz.


Professional basketball players and football players stretch before running, no?


Running? You're aware the icecream truck will stop, right?


Its not that running in itself can hamper flexibility, its just a very demanding thing to place on the body - the repetitive stressors build up ect....unless you take proper care of your body that is


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