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New Rules of Lifting

I bought this book the other week after seeing it on Alwyn Cosgrove’s website and it’s awesome. If you’re trying to figure out what to do when, and why it will explain all of it. I’ve started with the break in workouts and they’re kicking my butt. I don’t work out all year round int he gym because I’m a cyclist but these workouts so far have been beating the crap out of my legs.

So anyway, I think if you’re beginner or anyone for that matter, this book will help. It’s not about bodypart splits, it’s about funtional, full-body workouts that make you strong in a useful way. I really can’t say enought good things about it. Alwyn Cosgrove is an evil super-genius. God bless him.

Good to hear! But I didn’t expect anything less. I ordered yesterday and hopefully will be receiving this week.