New routine

I just went to a seminar, shit my notebook is in the car, anyway its a rusian routine that has you work your weak bodypart six days one week then five the next then four the next then three then twice then once the last week then you take two weeks of not working that part at all and your body is supposed to catch-up in the two weeks off, its supposed to add like 1.5-2 inches to you arms for example if it is your arms that are your week part. you r supposed to eat alot of fat and carbs to keep energy up while training that part hard ,then tons of protien when u rest it for two weeks. protien is not supposed to matter for the first 6 weeks because he said you can’t recover anyway dureing those weeks its all about the last two weeks of rest. anyone ever tried it or know sombody who did ?i want to start soon!!!

it makes NO sence! someone tell me how this could EVER work

bigman here, I’ve used a program like this that my college strength coach put me on and he spent almost a year in the ussr in the early 90’s training THEIR athletes. it works

It’s called supercompensation. It’s funny how far behind in many sport sci. topics we westerners can be. Have you guys seen any of the Boris Sheiko Powerlifting Routines?

Who was the speaker at the seminar? And go GET your notebook and give more details!

my girl has the car and she won’t be home till 3am but I think I remember most of it post a Q and if I remember I’n answer it, I can’t even say the guys last name (Igor something) he is the trainer of their national water pollo, scullimg and I think tennis teams, he also used to train an american style football team over there. he seems to know his shit!!!