New Routine

Breaks between sets - 30-120s. Static stretching between sets.

Day A
1.deadlifts 5-7 s/8-12 reps superseried with clean and push and press
2.hanging leg rises

3.bulgarian squat 4-5s / 12-16 reps

4.dumbbell flyes 4-5s /8-12 reps
5.reverse dumbbell flyes

Day B:

  1. Back squat 5-7s /8-12 reps superseried with clean

  2. Different grip chin ups rep goal 40

  3. military presses (barbell/ dumbbells gripped like chin ups)4-5s /8-12 reps

  4. dumbbell bench press 5s /8-12 reps

  5. reverse raws 5s /8-12 reps

  6. sitted cable crunch 4s /8-14 reps

Day C:

  1. Zerchers squat 5s /8-16 reps superseried with pull-throughts 8-12 reps

  2. Dumbbell bench press alternating grips(different bench angle) 5s /8-12 reps

  3. Dumbbell raws with grip as above 5s /8-12 reps

  4. Muscle snatch 5s /8-12 reps

  5. Standing cable crunch 5s/ 812 reps

  6. face-pull 4-5s /12-16 reps

5 sets per exercise, that a lot of volume. Why the static stretching between sets?

If Im tired after work I do less series or cut out small movements. Ive noticed that quick stretch of just used muscle helps me stay injury-free and flexed. Does it generally look ok?

Coupled exercises are done in alternating sets.

Depends what your goals are I suppose. Why the supersetting of powerlifting moves with oly lifts? I feel like that would just make you worse at both. Proper deadlifting should and will tax the CNS quite hard so going back to back with clean and press seems like a bad idea to me. Also drop the static stretching, there was an article very recently about weighted stretching that you could incorporate if you goals are bodybuilding focused.

You’re better off picking a premade program off this website rather than trying to make your own. It takes a lot of the thinking and guess work out of it when you don’t necessarily have a background in program design.

About the dynamic movements after heavy lifts- i think there was article saying that it might bring good results- havent tested it yet- i just grew to like those movements and wanted to incorporate them into my routine. This program is modified FBW that i have been doing for almost a year ( focused around deadlift, squat,bench and military presses, raws, chinups, asymetrical work). Ill give it a try, if doesnt work ill pick smth premade, just always liked doing things tailored cut for me.

Thanks for the tip about stretching.

I don’t really understand what you’re doing or why. Looks like you’ve picked some decent lifts, but I don’t understand why you’ve put them together that way.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I think doing a highly complex, technical O-lifts directly after heavy powerlifts doesn’t seem sensible or productive. I feel that jumps/throws might be a better explosive move to use for this kind of training. Far less technical and less likely to go wrong when fatigued.

I kind of get what you’re trying to do (I think) and you picked good exercises.

How you set them out? I’m sorry, but it looks like a recipe for disaster. I mean, squats alternating with cleans with short breaks? Unless you’re already very,very good at both the potential to mess yourself up is huge.

If you’re dead set on doing this kind of thing, start with cleans, then do your squats, then do your other stuff. Don’t worry about breaks so much and for the cleans and similar exercises I’d really recommend doing no more than triples. If you want lots of volume, do lots of triples.

Its still in beta testing mode- thanks ffor thoughts and tips!

Just finished day first, looked like this:
1.deadlifts 5-7 s/8-12 reps

3.bulgarian squat 4-5s / 12-16 reps

4.dumbbell flyes 4-5s /8-12 reps
5.reverse dumbbell flyes

  1. clean and push and press
  2. hanging leg rises

Felt good.

After some time it got down to this:

Day A
1.deadlifts 4-7 s/4-12 reps

2.bulgarian squat 4-5s / 12-16 reps

3.dumbbell flyes 4-5s /8-12 reps superseried with press
4.reverse dumbbell flyes superseried with row

  1. single dumbbell power work( snatches etc.) 3-4s/ 6-10 reps

  2. some ab work
    Day B:

  3. Zerchers squat 4s /8-16 reps

  4. Dumbbell bench press 3s /8-12 reps

  5. Kroc raws 3s /8-12 reps

  6. Muscle snatch 4s /6-10 reps

  7. Standing cable crunch 4s/ 8-12 reps

Day C:

  1. Back squat 4s /8-12 reps superseried with vertical jumps

  2. Different grip chin ups 3-4s to failure

  3. military presses (barbell/ dumbbells gripped like chin ups)3s /8-12 reps

  4. dumbbell bench press (angled bench) 3s /8-12 reps

  5. reverse raws 3s /8-12 reps

  6. glute ham bridge 3-4s/ 8-12 reps

  7. sitted cable crunch 4s /8-14 reps

Plus one or two-three days a week I do barbell complexes, farmers’ walks and I’recently started the PLP 60-days chalenge.

I like how you wrote it up, then ran it for awhile to see how it worked, then using what you learned, adjusted the plan. Lots of theoretical schedules and routines get posted, but it seems like people rarely try them out.

I also like the upper body push/pull paired sets. They are a great way to get more work in less time. Rotating grips on chin ups is good too.

Personally, I would make a change or 2 to the lay-out;

-do the big upper body stuff (presses and rows/chins on B and C days) before zerchers and squats.
-do the dumbbell snatches 1st in the A session.

But that’s minor.

Good luck with the PLP challenge. Doing frequent, non-maximal (easy) extra sessions, even rehab stuff like scap pushups and clam-shells, worked well for me this past year.

Looks fine now, rotate through different rep ranges especially heavier work and your training will really take off…

I would also throw in a small amount of direct tricep work like band pressdowns once in a while for both performance and stop the gunz from lagging

Thanks for the insides. Ill try to aply those changes from FlatsFarmer and when it comes to RampantBadger- I try to do 3 weeks of heavy work followed by a week lower weights and higher reps and i put some biceps/triceps superseries at the end of my workouts when i feel that those muscles were not hit enought. Thanks for all the help!