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New routine. Yay or neh


Lately I've been doing random ass workouts/routine so i decided to actually make a routine. Let me know what you guys think and how i should tweek it or change it in any way thanks.

Day 1 Back & bi
Pullups 4xfail
Seated row 4x8
Shrugs 3x15
Farmer walks 95lbs till fail
Concentrated curls 4x10
standing hammer curls 3x12
Close grip chinups 3xfail

Day 2 Legs & abs
Squat 1x10 1x8 2x5 1x10
Legs to chest leg press 4x8 superset with 4x20 calve raises
lunges 4x10
weighted situps 4x15
Weighted decline situps 4x10

Day 3 bench & tri
Bench 1x10 1x8 1x5 1x1-2
Incline flies 4x12
dumbell press 4x8
skull crushers 3x12 or 3x12 cable pulldowns 4x12
weighted dips 4x12 or verticle dips 4xfail

Day 4 Shoulders & lowerback
Deadlift 1x10 1x8 2x5 1x10
standing military press 3x12
bent lateral raises 3x12
Thrusters 4x15


What are your goals? It's hard to critique your rouine without knowing them.


I'll second ebomb on stating goals. I will point out a few things in what you listed, though.

Farmers walks till fail before biceps. Taxing your forearms BEFORE biceps won't help your curls any. Do farmers walks last.

I don't see any reason to do pullups first, the do a bunch of curls and then do chins at the end. I would alternate pullups and chins every workout (if you want to do both), do them at the beginning, and then do your curls.

I would suggest putting flies after DB press and do your weighted dips before your skull crushers and pulldowns. Doing weighted dips AFTER those will greatly reduce the amount of added weight you can use and reduce the effectiveness.

Try to always do your compound heavy movements before isolations.

Edit: Your reps/sets seem to be all over the place. Do some searching here about ramping. "Professor X: A Request" is a long one but a good one to learn about how to better handle your rep/set/poundages.


listen to the man ^^^

While you're at it check out Cephalic_Carnages How do you train thread. Lots of golden nuggets.

also IMO reverse grip bench press or close grip bench press > dips :). Over the long haul.


Yeah, probably. But right now he's doing chest and tris in the same session. That's a lot of pressing in one day and might give him shoulder problems, might not. With the current routine, I would stick with the dips to hit the tris a different way.

If the routine changes to where tris are by themselves or say, an "arm day", then I would suggest doing both. CGBP, Dips, then an extension movement of your choice depending on what part of your tris need improvement.


I read this too help my routine and is where i got my sets and rep number from.
Also i was thinking of changing back and bi to back and tri and chest tri to chest and bi. Aslo i was thinking to make my dead lifts to only reach 5 reps not 8.
I'll also change the order of exercises like cueball mentioned and added leg curls to my shoulder day because i was lacking direct hamstring workout. And My training goals are mostly for funtional hypertrophy for the more important muscles and for the muscles groups like bi and tri full hypertrophy. I will also be playing rugby 4 times a week witch i forgot to mention
Some one better? any other thoughts?


A word of advice. Don't start talking "functional hypertrophy" and "full hypertrophy" around here. That stuff doesn't really mean anything and is a sure way to get flamed instead of helped. There isn't any such thing as "non-functional muscle". If it contracts it's "functional".

Why wouldn't you do your hamstring work on leg day? I don't really see any benefit to putting them with shoulders.


I don't have enough time because I work out in school.
haha sorry well mainly size for bi's and tris and strenght for legs back ect

Do you think it's a good idea to switch back & bi to back and tri and chest and tri to chest and bi?