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New Routine When My Muscles Stop Aching

So I like to feel sore after a workout, its my way of knowing I have pushed my muscles as much as I can. So whenever my muscles stop aching I immediately change my routine and start looking for new exercises. Is this wrong? should I just stick to my usual workout and continue to increase the weights I’m using? would that be more effective for gains?

Ideally, you should use progress toward your goals as the metric for an effective program. Unless your goal is purely soreness, don’t account for it. If you are getting bigger and stronger (assuming those are your goals) your program is working.


T3hPwnisher nailed it. Like most things in orbit around our lifting, it all boils down to goals.

Is your goal to get on social media and post something like “OMG leg day can’t use stairs” or “LOL how am I supposed to take a shit on a toilet when I’m so sore from working out like a stud”? If that’s what you want to get out of lifting, then perhaps a constantly changing workout scheme that leaves you debilitated is the best bet. You can definitely get a lot of “likes” that way.

If your goal is to be big and strong, I’d first advise making no mention of this on social media. Instead do things that make you big and strong. If you’re not sure what those things are, ask someone who is big and strong like you are here, and then listen to the person who is big and strong.

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If we’re pretending to believe one of your stories, that you’re a big, strong dude from Dallas, then yeah stick to whatever you’re doing because it’s working.

If we believe one of your other stories, that you’re a beginner 16-year old from England who doesn’t know if it’s okay to eat a sandwich when he’s trying to gain weight, then no, don’t train like that.


And a chef, don’t forget the chef part! The bullshit is strong with this one.


If I was going to lie about being a strong person from Texas, I’d pretend I was a cowboy, not a chef.


Creepy!!.. I noticed he/ she/ it posted a ton of randomness and I genuinely wanted to help if I could. I get not everyone puts all of their information out to the public but the inconsistencies were a little much. I don’t do social media but decided to join T-nation for the extra support and advice. I put my goals and emotions out there to strangers who I hope have enough respect to help me. I’m still a “newbie” but it pisses me off to think someone thinks this is a game or joke :rage: to me my health and fitness is serious and a huge commitment. I hope things get better soon.

Thats; the nature of these forums.

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@bulldog9899 I completely understand and was probably too sensitive. I just wanted to vent and now feel better :wink: good to go!

No worries… trust me . There has many times Ive wanted to go off on people on here.

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I just can’t you would do such a thing :joy:

Just run through proven programs from this site for the next couple years. Funnily enough this is one of the best for your level…