New Routine Suggestions!

I followed madcow for about 2.5 months or so. I would really like to continue but I just can’t fit the routine since i started training strongman every saturday.

I just finished coan/phillipii(yes, I ran it while doing madcow) and gained an easy 40lbs on my deadlift(475x1). I want a program that will not be too much so i can perform well on Saturdays. My PRs include: oly squat 365x2, 350x5 bench: 210x3, deadlift 475x1

I consider myself an intermediate lifter. I am planning on starting 5/3/1 for both squat, bench, and deadlift. or doing ort dealift routine for deadlifts

Monday: 5/3/1 bench+assistance
Tuesday: 5/3/1 squat+assistance
Thursday: 5/3/1 deadlift or ort deadlift routine
Saturday: Strongman; overhead event, tire, carrying event(farmers, yolk, etc), and stones

What do you guys and girls suggest?

Whatever you choose you’ll probably need to do for more than 2.5 months. Don’t be one of these guys that bounces all over the place doing “programs”,Not saying you do :slight_smile: That’s a sure sign that that you are in fact, not an “intermediate lifter” but a “seasoned newb” as I call them.
In your first statement you say you “can’t follow your program since you started training Strongman on Saturdays”.I’d suggest that you find you a Strongman forum and get some tips from folks that actually do Strongman. I frequent and we have several pro strongmen on there. They would be able to set you straight.