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New Routine....So Good, So Far


I havent been around here for awhile, but I just started a new routine 10 weeks ago and wanted to know what you thought of it.

My goals: gain size and strength, trim
My stats:
Age: 22
Weight: 167lbs.
Height: 5'10

When I started this routine I was approximately 155lbs. Basically what I've done with this routine is researched a bunch of different routines, talked with a bunch of different people, and incorporated some stuff I learned in the past and compiled it altogether, sort of. I kept what I liked the best and thought would optimize my goals. So here it goes, I have two different "Plans" and I do each for 9 weeks.

To start, I did "Plan 1" for 3 weeks at 3 sets X 10 reps. Then I did "Plan 1" for 3 sets X 8 reps for three weeks. Finally, I did "Plan 1" for three weeks at 4 sets X 6 reps. I increase weight every chance I get. Now, I am starting on "Plan 2" and at 3 sets of 10 and after three weeks will progress to 3 sets of 8 and so on. When I finish "Plan 2" I will start the whole process over again and maybe tweak a few things. As far as eating goes, I havent really been too strict on myself. My eating habits are as follows:

I generally rush out of the house late and dont eat breakfast, if I do its usually cereal or oatmeal. Lunch is usually a turkey sandwhich with some veggies or leftovers from dinner. I snack on anything in the house; fruit, peanut butter, sandwhich, whatever I find. Dinner is almost always guaranteed to be either some sort of fish or chicken with veggies and a big glass of milk. I drink enough water throughout the day.

I know my diet is pretty lacking but thats because I havent been really obsessed with it. I know what to eat and not to eat its just a matter of do I do it or not. Some days I'm pretty good about and others Im not, but I have gained weight from my current routine thus far and increasing weight for me (on lifts) has been extremely easy.

"Plan 1"

Day 1: Chest and Back
-Lat Pulldowns
-BB Bench Press
-DB Incline Press
-Seated rows (palms facing each other)
-DB Flys
-Bent-Over Rows (DB)

Day 2: Legs
-Leg Extension
-Leg Curl
-Standing Calve Raises
-Leg Press

Day 3: Bi's, Tri's, and Shoulders
-DB Shoulder Press
-DB Side Lifts
-Preacher Curls
-Concentration Curls
-Dips (3X10) (setsXreps)
-Tricep Pulldown (Rope)

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Power Lift (4X4)
-BB Bench Press
-Pullups (to failure)
-Dips (weighted to failure)
-Straight Bar Curls

"Plan 2"

Day 1: Chest and Back
-BB Standing Back Rows (opposite grip)
-DB Bench Press
-BB Decline Press
-Smith Machine Trap Pulls
-Machine Flys
-Low back extension

Day 2: Legs

-Front Squats
-Leg Press
-Leg Extension
-Seated Calve Raises
-Leg Curl

Day 3: Bi's Tri's Shoulders
-BB Military Press
-Side Lift machine
-Cable Curls (Bar)
-Standing Curls
-Close Grip Bench
-Cable Kickbacks

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Power Lifts
-Same as in "Plan 1"

So, what do you think? Thanks in advance for all replies.


Since no one has replied to this thread yet, should I take that as this routine is fine? Maybe I made it too loooong and no one wants to read it.


I don't like it.

What about an Upper/lower program?

Or a Push/Pull?

Or a Upper Horizontal/Quad/Upper Vertical/Ham split?

Keep the compound lifts and drop most of the isolation exercises.

Deadlifts, Squats, Bench pressing, Shoulder pressing, Rowing, and Pull-ups

Yours seems without direction.


For a beginner a routine isn't that important although a simple powerlifting or general strength based routine might be more beneficial to you. Something REAL simple like

Bench Press 4x6-8
Dumbbell Overhead 4x10-12
T Bar Row 4x6-8
Barbell Extension 2x10-12
Dumbbell Curl 2x10-12

Back Squat 4x6-8
Stiff Leg Deads 4x6-8
Leg Press Calf Raises 2x12-15
Decline Situp 2x12-15

Dumbbell Incline 4x10-12
Seated Overhead Press 4x6-8
Dead lift 4x6-8
Close Grip Press 2x6-8
Barbell Curl 2x10-12

Leg Press 4x6-8
Leg Curl 4x10-12
Standing Calves 2x12-15
Pulldown Abs 2x12-15

but really you DIET will be far and away the most important thing for you to reach your goals. Get serious and get consistent about that and you'll be light years ahead of everyone around you. You can give someone the "hypertrophy routine from God" and have him eat like you do now. You can give someone else weight training 101(like the program I quickly wrote) and have them eat like a bear and they will blow the first person out of the water come a year from now.