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New Routine Recommendations

First a little background:
I am a FFB.
That being said, I have about 4-5 weeks left until i am at single digit bodyfat. :open_mouth:
After I have achieved this goal, i am switching to a strength program while at maintenance calories.

The program is this (plus a few extra things) and is based on How to Design a Damn Good Training Program by Christian Thibaudeau:

Hams/Glutes/Low Back/Calves

RDL 5x3-5
Glute-Ham Raises 4x6-8
Milos Sarcev Calves Circuit


Bench Press 3x3-5
Dips 3x6-8
Push Press 3x6-8


High Carb

Squat 5x3-5
Lunges 4x6-8 per leg
Standing Calf Raise 5x3-5
Seated Calf Press 4x6-8



Chins/Bent-Over Row 5x3-5
Seated Cable Row/One Arm DB Row 4x6-8

LISS/Off Depending on CNS

Condition will be from the following selection of mini workouts
Barbell Complexes
2:1 Sprints
“Leg Screamer”
These are from strong and ripped by tony gentilcore

Extra Stuff:
Biking everywhere which averages to 23 miles per day. I ride no less than a medium intensity (unless there’s traffic). Overall though, a TON of bike riding.

I will change the exercises every 2 weeks

triset w/
triset w/
Plyo Pushups
every morning on my in house chin/dip station

My question is: will i be able to gain significant strength as long as i am eating enough to support this high volume of exercise? I am considering entering a powerlifting competition in the 181lb (i weigh 179) class. I also don’t really believe a person needs to get super fat to put up huge numbers. I have a solid idea of how to eat, but any advice for things that may help (diet or otherwise) is much appreciated.

1RM Deadlift: 365
1RM Squat: 315
1RM Bench: never tested it (i hate the bench!)

stay at same bodyweight
Deadlift: 405
Squat: 365

Its hard to say if you will make progress on a specific routine. I would say it looks like a nice routine on paper, but the different exercises might need to change based on your weaknesses and sticking points.

If you aren’t making progress in your target lifts, I would say cut out the condtioning like tabata, and then if you need to cut out other stuff like bench and calves.

As long as your making progress on those main lifts like deadlift, and squats, you should be fine.