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New Routine, need advice and question

Ok, I just got into working out after a year off a couple months ago. I did a 4 week intro routine and I just finished up a 8 wk routine that had a major focus in upper body, especially the arms. Since I am only able to go to the gym 2 days a week because of my work, here is how my routine looked over the past 8 weeks:

One-arm Preacher Curls
Seated Alternate Incline Dumbell Curls
Tricep Pushdowns
Skull Crushers
Dumbell Concentration Curls
Standing One-arm Overhead Cable Curls
Pec Fly (using a pec deck machine)
Dumbell Benchpress
Shoulder Press
Seated Cable Rows

I did that Tuesdays and Saturdays, 3 sets on each exercise. I spent a lot of time wakeboarding on the river and lake, so having some toned arms was a must. I did random leg exercises on those days in order to work my legs. I am 5?11? 155 lbs will little body fat. So now that I have a start on getting my arms into shape, I found this new 8 week program in the new Fitness RX mag. Here is the program:

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
Seated Front Raises
Seated Laterals
Rear Bent-Over Deltoid Raises

Pull Ups (Wide Grip)
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown
One-Arm Dumbell Bent-Over Rows
Seated Rows

These are all done in supersets, with 4 sets to each exercise. So basically, I do Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press then the Pull Up. Rest then do 3 more sets. I do this until I am done all the exercises. I will add in some leg exercises as well. My main concern is will my arms and chest be getting enough of a workout? Should I be adding in some chest and arm exercises? I will be doing this routine 2 times a week for 8 weeks.

Thanx for the input.

Wow. Someone mentioned wakeboarding on the T-mag forums. Best sport… ever!

Anyway, I think you seriously need to get back to basics man. Your workout routine looks a whole lot like that of those gimpy little dorks who go to the gym and do curls all day and think they’re gonna get ‘jacked’. Curls are for girls. :slight_smile:

Anyway, my advice would be to design a routine (or find one here at T-mag) that has big, fundamental, core lifts in it. What you’re doing now is like ‘details training’.

You should at least be doing: squats, deadlifts (or cleans), bench press, bent row, military press (or push press), etc.

You’ll get alot farther going to the gym and totally busting your ass on 2 lifts (bench press and bent row say) than doing 20 silly curl variations and pressdowns and crap like that.

They both seem like some pretty lop sided workouts.
Why not do some compound lifts that hit more than one muscle group (presses, rows, O-lifts, squats deadlifts) and get some efficency into your workouts. 24 sets for biceps, hmm interesting, yet little mention of any significant leg work.

How about
Pull ups
Barbell Row
Bar curls

Bench press
Upright rows

Nothing amazing, but at least everything is covered (could adjust DL’s and squats to suit)
my $0.02

Where do we get these guys? That looks like a workout they would do at Curves.

LOL, thanx for the feedback guys. I appreciate it, you guys made me realize how back assward my routine was and now I am taking your advice, breaking it down and rebuilding it ASAP. Thanx again, it is GREATLY appreciated.


God i love goldberg, so patient, and large

Considering your time constraints, I would give HST a try. Do a search on T-Mag and also visit the HST website for some good info.