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New Routine I Started, Help?


After alot of reading and also exprementing in the gym i have come up with a new routine which i have been fallowing for the past week and will use for sometime to come. I want to know if there is anything wrong with it or if i need to improve something?
I workout 7 days a week,1 session each day. My goal is hyperthrophy/growth and i am on a caloric surplus and eat 1g of protein per lb atleast everyday. I respond very well to high volume.

My split looks like this, i use concentrated loading,an idea i got from CT:
Day 1:Pressing (Chest and Triceps)
Day 2:Pressing (Chest and Triceps)
Day 3:Pull (Back/biceps)
Day 4:Pull (Back/biceps)
Day 5:Legs and delts
Day 6:Legs and delts
Day 7:Pressing (Chest and Triceps)
I do ab work staggered between sets and at the end of the workout. I do swiss ball crunches and incline reverse crunches.

On pressing days i workout like this:

DB incline power flies, db close grip press, db incline press (in no particular order, i sometimes mix them or just do one of them depending on how i feel for that exercise on that day)
I then do PJR pullovers

Back: chest supported rows, chin-ups,parallell grip chins,rack chins. i Autoregulate again for this day for exercise selection.

Biceps:Incline reverse hammer curl, incline offset grip curls

Legs: DB siff squat and db squat with different stances
Delts: Push press and lateral raises.

the reason i use the syngergist split is coz my big muscles dominate over the small, for example when i do pressing i feel it almost all in my chest so my triceps is not so fatigued it's same with back and biceps. To get extra stimulation in the smaller body parts aka arms,which is mostly laggning for me compared to the bigger parts i have arranged it like this.Let me know what you think about this idea.

I do 16 sets for the big body pars, legs,back,chest and 9 set for the small, biceps,triceps,delts. For abs i do anywhere between 10-25,i autoregulate,so on abs it depends how i feel.
Thanks in advance
Edit:I do 6-10 reps for all body parts, pick a wheight i can do atleast for 6 reps and then start repping out. for abs i do 15-25 reps usually


What do u think about this routine,is it good or bad?does it need some changes?


Why the same bodypart two days in a row? You need to give the muscle time to recover before hitting it again. Why not drop one of the Chest/Tri days so you have a recovery day and structure it like this:

Day 1 -Chest and Triceps
Day 2 -Back and Biceps
Day 3 -Legs and Delts(Traps?)
Day 4 -Chest and Triceps
Day 5 -Back and Biceps
Day 6 -Legs and Delts(Traps?)
Day 7 -Rest

That way you get sufficient recovery time for muscle groups, still train muscles with the desired frequency, and aren't going to burn yourself out.

Not going to argue this with anyone, but I'd aim for closer to 1.5-2g protein/lb bw a day if you're training high frequency and volume as well.


Well the two days in a row is based on Ct's idea of concentrated loading which promotes more growth while giving it more recovery after those days. I have a question regarding squats,will it make the waist alot thicker?or not or slimmer?since i hear some ppl say it makes the waist bigger. Thx that is a good idea,i will have day 7 as optional depending on if i feel fatigued or fresh.


Good suggestion, need to bring my traps up so i have added it to the back day. Does anyone have an opinon on incline shrugs for big traps? Or is seated 90 degress a better option for high traps?


If you search around TNation, you will find answers to most of your questions while also learning a lot of other things in the process. You may read that and think "Thanks for nothing, buddy," but I promise you that it's the useful advice you could be given at this point.



Exercise selection, high reps, little lower body work (db squats instead of deadlifts and front/back squats) and doing stuff in no particular order (as you wrote) looks nothing like CT's stuff. Autoregulation does not equal random. If you want to do HP Mass, then do HP mass as outlined. I bet that whatever you come up with yourself is not going to be better than what CT designed.


lol this can't be real.


Bro,i thx for ur reply. I wrote that i took concentrated loading from CT, not everything. This program is not meant to resemble hp mass.