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New Routine Help

Just started this routine 2 weeks ago. Does it look good to you guys? Also doing cardio for 30min fasted or post work out 6x a week. Treadmill at 3mph, 10 incline. Should I increase time or intensity? Sunday no gym at all.

What kind of loading or progression model are you using with these exercises?

Progressive over load. I’m eating at about maintenance maybe slightly under. Trying to stay around 170# but train hard and quite intense for 6-8weeks. Do you have a better suggestion? I’m open to any advice to improve.

I think you’re misusing this term. What, specifically are you doing to mean that you’re doing more work over time?

Increasing the weight. Can you suggest a better plan or way to do this?

Or should I be increasing sets and reps and maintaining the weight?

Add more weight …

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Double progression. If you’re doing three sets from 5-8 reps, bump the weight up when you can get eight reps on all three sets. Be consistent with rest times though for the most part to not cheat yourself


How often? By how much?

Either. Or both. Just have a reasonable plan.

Similar but better…

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