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New Routine Has Too Much Rest?


I'm gonna start switching it up before i reach a hard rock.

I wanted your input on this routine: testbooster.com/ZEUS_NOV_2006/Zeus_Gym_God_Workout.html

It seems to have lots of rest periods, but that could be good since my goal is to change everything up.


Well, you need rest periods...not 30 or 60 seconds...but not 5 minutes between sets of close grip bench either. I also dont see any logic behind the rep schemes there..13-15 rep alt. dumbbell curls, for example.


My opinion:

Higher reps on the leg extensions and curls if you're going to do them.

You don't need 2 different kinds of leg curls.

Lower the reps on the leg presses.

If you can do 13-15 full weighted dips then weight them some more, lower the reps a bit for a couple more sets, also for inclines and dump the flat presses.

Be careful with upright rows. Use an EZ curl bar or dumbbells.

Adjust the rest periods however you see fit.

These points jump out at me, but I don't know everything or you at all so take it for what it's worth.

Lower reps on the calf movements