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New Routine for O-Lifts & PLing


Snatches 5x5
Clean n jerk 5x5
hang clean 3x5

Squat 4x5
Bench Press 4x5
Deadlift 4x5

Bench 4x5
Pullups 4x 7-10
bent over rows 4x5
military press 3x5
Curls 3x7-10

back squats 4x5
Deadlifts 4x5
front squat 3x5
calf raise 3x10

Trying to put on some good mass, but my major goal is to get stronger in the olympic and powerlifting movements. Any advice?


if you can do any Oly type movement for more than 2-3 reps, increase weight or move the weight faster


I disagree. You can go up to about 6 reps or so and be fine. You're not going to get much out of pushing the weight up in the O lifts for a long time. Work on technique and volume for now and they'll be increasing regardless for a quite some time.

I would ditch the bench on tuesday if you're going to do heavy bench on thurs and have an upper body day. Fill it in with some sort of assistence work for the legs, or isolation work for triceps. Also, I would NOT keep the same rep schemes for squat and deadlift on BOTH days. One day at 5 reps, and one day at higher reps or more assistence work. You have O lifts for explosive work.

I would consider taking out the second squat day and putting lunges in their place. You need some sort of unilateral work to keep balance. Besides, it changes things up for a bit. Maybe put good mornings in for deadlifts on friday as well. Same muscles, different movements. Right now variety is key for you.


I like this setup better.


Have your squat stance the same as your clean stance and the same as your conventional deadlift stance.

Set the power cleans up in your program so they can act as your speed deadlifts.

Always have front squats and some kind of hip extension excercise for your assistance excercises on your squat days.

Another great excercise that will help your bench, squat and deadlift and power clean is power shrugs. So find a way to fit those in.

Just some things you might want to consider.



what is a power shrug?



I know peple will tell me to not be such a curl jockey, but I think I won't be able to gain as fast doing curls only once a week. I just can't ever feel my biceps during rows and pullups at all.


So I should swap out my friday deadlifts for powercleans?




Just remember that growth comes during the recovery phase. You may not feel it, but it's happening.


alright.. any other advice?