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New Routine for 3 Times a Week

Hi everyone. I’m 28 and a new dad. I’m 6’3 245lbs and want to get back to my comfy 215 220 lb. mark. I have not been to the gym consistently as I once was in maybe about 6 to 8 months. I am still active somewhat but I’m recently starting to get back into rec league sports. I just finished a basketball league and now am in a football league. I want to get to the gym three days a week but as I have not been so active in a good while, my knee that I had an ACL repair done is swelling and gets stiff. I know what to do in the gym and base my workouts on the four lifts in the 5-3-1, not doing the 5-3-1 routine but I like workouts. I am looking for any new workout routines to get back in for 3 days a week and also any advice on helping my knee. ice, compression and ibuprofen are my main go-to’s but just want any help I can get. also a good workout split would be nice as I want to do this right and not hurt myself.

I don’t know what this means. You know what to do in the gym, but want suggestions for a routine. You’re basing workouts on 5/3/1 but not doing 5/3/1. So, like, what are you doing?

How often are you doing the rec league stuff? How many practices and/or games each week, and how long are practices?

This Ben Bruno article has some good info for knee pain. He actually has a ton of articles that talk about it since he had knee surgery himself a few years ago.

Dan John’s Southwood routine is a solid 3 day a week plan that works great with athletes. Depending in what your practices look like, you could add 15-20 minutes of cardio after lifting or on non-training days to bump up the fat loss.

And, of course, tighten up nutrition. Lots of ways to do that depending on how you’re currently eating. But if you’re doing sports, I wouldn’t drop low carb everyday.

That’s confusing.

Check out Th3pwnisher’s log, he had knee surgery recently.

thanks. for the 5/3/1 i mean that i use those exercises but i do not follow the rep scheme. i will do bench but its usually 5 sets of 10, 10, 8, 8, 6 and every few weeks going 5 x 5. then i would do the assistance exercise incline bench and the other two suggested assistance exercises in the 5/3/1 routine.

the games are once a week, no practice but i want to get back in shape for the game and in general and i feel sprints may be best for cardio but not sure based on the knee issue.

So you mean deadlifting, squatting, benching, and OH pressing? Those aren’t exclusive to 5/3/1 but are the go to strength movements.

yes, pretty much. that’s the foundation i built my routines around. i’m more looking for things that will help keep my strength and also help with my knee issue. more so looking for something to shake up the routine.

the article someone posted with knee pain exercises looks like something i should try as i haven’t so that helps.