New Routine For 16 YO

Well I am 16 Years old I have been lifting for a year straight and here is my new routine:


Day 1: Chest/Triceps
Bench warm up 1x15
Incline Bench 2x8-10
Bench 3x8-10
Close Grip Bench 2x8-10
Dips 1x10-15
Triceps Pushdowns 2x8-10
Skull Crushers 2x8-10

Day 2: Legs/Abs
Squat Warm up 1x20
Squat 4x8-10
Stiff Leg Deadlift 4x8-10
Leg extension 2x8-10
Halfway Lunges 2x8-10
Crunches 2x25

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Back/Biceps
Lat Pulldown Warmup 1x20
Barbell Rows 4x8-10
Pullups 3x8-10
Deadlifts 4x8-10
Barbell Curls 1x8-10

Day 5: Shoulders/Traps
Military Press Warmup 1x15
Military Press 4x8-10
Clean and Press 3x8-10
Shrugs 3x8-10
Front Dumbell Raises 2x8-10
Barbell Rows 2x8-10

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

Yo young blood (always wanted to say that) without really going over your program just wanted to share some advice. It’s great you have been lifting for a year and doing compound movements. Keep it up because you are on the right track there.

The one thing about this iron lifting thing is that it’s always a work in progress and one needs to continue to educate themselves and try new things because the program you start with isn’t going to work forever.

I have already stated this a time or two today, but I advise you to check out Vroom’s beginners thread. Vroom has put together a virtual road map of this site for FNG’s (new guys) use it and educate yourself and you will be well ahead of the game.

Best of luck and take care,