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New Routine--Feedback?

Hey guys.

I’m a 160lb 16 year Old from Iowa who’s been around the site for a couple years. I’ve been lifting consistently since the age 13 and made many gains since then. My weight always goes up in down due to the sport that I’m playing during that time of year. However, this year I’m no longer playing basketball so I am focusing on gaining some weight and muscle that I was unable to do before.

The last program I was just using was the Canadian Bear program…and while I made some gains the overall program wasn’t my favorite and I missed doing some more aesthetic lifts as well.

So i’m kind of throwing together a new routine…feedback and advice would be appreciated.

Monday- Biceps, Back, Lats

-Chin Ups 3x12
-Seated Rows 6x5
-Deadlifts 7x5
-Pullups 3x12
-Lat Pulldown 6x5
-Hammer curls, various other bicep exercises… 4x8

Tuesday- Legs

-Back Squats 6x6
-Box Squats 6x5
-Leg Press 6x5
-Lunges w/ weights 3x12 (12 each leg)
-Leg Extension 3x8

Wednesday- Chest, Shoulder, Triceps

-Bench Press 6x5
-Close grip bench 6x5
-Dumbbell Press 6x5
-Tricep Dips 12x3
-Shrugs 6x4
-Hang Clean/ Hang clean and press 5x5
-Various Pushup exercises

Those are my main three days, in between those days, depending on level of soreness, etc, i’ll work in boxing, cardio, and core workouts. I normally box 2-3 times a week, as well as run about 12 miles a week

-Feedback, suggestions, etc welcomed!