New Routine Critique


Workout A-

Bench Press
Bent Over Rows
Barbell Curls

Workout B-

Close-Grip Bench
Military Press

Each workout is to be performed every other time so that you do not do the same workout in a row.

Week 1
m- a
w- b
f- a

Week 2
m- b
w- a
f- b

and so on. How long should I use this for? and what should I do after this routine? Do I have to arrange the exercises a little better because it seems like I have more Pull on one day and more Push on another, thanks

Man, deadlifting and squatting heavy and frequently like that would fry my CNS in 2 weeks. Try to get more variety and cycle volume and intensity.

so can you help me out on this one? im not trying to be dumb buyt im not the brightest one obviously.

You could add another day which would be easier on you cns ans joints, something like 3x8 with a unilateral lower body movement and two upper body movements (push/pull). Or you could stay with these two days and cycle your intensity, that means, on day one you work up to a 5rm, on day two you work with 80% of your 5rm on each exercises.

When you do day one again your work with 90% of your 5rm from the previous day one. When you do day two again your work up to a 5rm for each exercises, for the next day on 80%… This just an option, the important thing is to stay fresh because sqatting and deadlifting heavy all the time doesn’t work great in long term.

Hope you’ve been able to undertand everything my english isn’t all that great.