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New Routine After Moving to Home Gym


I need solid routine to BULK :


deadlifts 4x6
row 4x6
pullups weighted 3x5
pullups BW 1x max
curls 4x6,8,10,12
db crunches 3x15


heavy dips 4x6
military press 4x6
inc db press 3x6
skullcrushers 4x8,10,12,14


front squat oly grip 5x5
bulgarian split squat 4x10
leg curls 3x10
hanging leg raises 3x12

good & ready to go?


Looks fine to me. But I would still suggest using a proven program. Also, no deads?


Take a look at the very first exercise he listed...I am in agreement that sticking with a proven program like Starting Strength or 5/3/1 would be a better idea though.


^ he hasnt provided any insight to his past experience, so im assuming he aint a complete newb

OP: i would swap deads and rows around so your lower back isnt fatigued before the heaviest exercise. also perhaps adding power/hang cleans before deadlifting for warmup/awesomeness


thank you. but why swaping deads and rows? or i didnt understand you well

but generally this workout is okay for natural bulk?

i have 2,5 years experience. front squat 100kgx6 ,military press 50x6, bench 90x5, row 80x5, deadlift 140x4


5/3/1 or texas method


Bulking/cutting depends much, much more on your diet than your choice of routine.